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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (March 2012)



As the web celebrates its 23rd birthday, there is no sign of letting up, of the exponential growth.  Linked data has seen continued impressive uptake both in ecommerce an govt. with the World Bank becoming the latest addition to the LOD cloud.

Communications and Outreach

RWW now has its own logo and Google+ presence at:

Many thanks to Jürgen Jakobitsch for setting this up and creating the artwork.  Please let us know if you’d like to help with the outreach/management of this group.

Community Group

The community groups welcomes 3 new members.  Ivan Herman, the lead of  Semantic Web Activity at the W3C, Sebastian Trueg, long time contributor to foaf protocols and, and László Török, a member of Martin Hepp’s, world class E-Business team, in Munich.  Welcome, Wilkommen and légy üdvözölve!

The wiki has been improved slightly with new sections on authentication and a new area for existing projects.  This will improve over time, please feel free to add your updates.


There are a number of promising applications and frameworks, mostly at the pre alpha stage, but I would expect the first batch to be released in Q2 of 2012.  Danny Ayers shared some interesting design for his seki project.   There was a short blog showing tabulator’s neat integration with facebook open graph.

On the social side we seem to be getting close with the next versions of fcns and bergi’s new revamp of resource me.  I’m very much looking forward to interop between these two platforms, openlink data spaces, tabulator social pane, facebook, and much more.

Last but not least…

My app of the month outside the read write web group is map4rdf, a faceted browsing linked geo data application.  It may be a fascinating experiment to try to integrate geo local data with existing platform.  I look forward so seeing mapping technology become a first class citizen of the read write web.

If you got this far, thanks for reading … please feel free to add your news or comments!

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