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Read Write Web Community Group



This group seeks to bootstrap the nascent Read-Write aspect of the WWW via collaboration on specs and Projects that ultimately make reading and writing on the WWW a natural usage pattern.

The main set of protocols used in this group are modeled on the following article, describing how the web was always designed as a read write experience, and to become the intersection of information spaces.


Key technology for making this effort a reality lies in the use of a Web identification protocol as a mechanism for a Web scale Access Control Lists (ACL) mechanism.

Jumping Off Points

People & News


  • RdfAffordances and Affordance Vocabulary - an RDF Affordance is a resource description which gives a client all the information it needs to perform an action
  • RDForms - A vocabulary that defines how to represent HTML forms and fields (input, select, etc.) and CRUD operations on the fields
  • RAUL Vocabulary - A vocabulary to describe HTML form elements
  • Dataset Dynamics Group
  • RDF Interfaces - A set of standardized interfaces for working with RDF data in a programming environment

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