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Discussion and Consensus

Two points…

I would like to propose that discussions regarding the API happen via the ORCA Community Group, the mail list seems to make sense. If you have not subscribed to that list yet and wish to receive messages sent to the list please do so here.

As part of this proposal, I suggest we abide by the W3C consensus policy (

Starting with these 2 points should provide for a healthy community, more transparency and hopefully more input on decisions being made.

You can agree to this proposal by simply replying to the mail thread created in correlation with this post, with +1 Or reply with your objection and reasoning why we should not do this.



Just a head’s up, Robin is sick with the flu.

One Response to Discussion and Consensus

  • Iñaki Baz Castillo

    I agree, but just two comments:

    – It seems that posts made in this website (W3 ORCA) are automatically sent as mail to That’s great, but replies to that mail are not added as comment here in the post. Basically that means that we cannot use the mail for comments, right? That is a big problem, do people know it?

    – Writting code in this site is unfeasible. I’ve tryed it with pure HTML, but indentation gets automatically removed, etc etc. I strongly miss Github for pure code/API issues.


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