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Co-chair meeting minutes: March 1, 2022

MusicXML 4.0

We have now implemented the GitHub Discussions feature for the MusicXML repository as agreed at the last co-chair meeting. If you have any questions about MusicXML, or any announcements about products adding support for MusicXML, please make use of the Discussions area on GitHub.


Pull request #281 (for issue #185), for the specification of layouts, has now been merged. Issue #263, concerning the proposal for the infrastructure for styling, is now ready to be formalised into a pull request. After this proposal has been merged into the specification, separate issues to cover the specifics of defining the various styles that can be applied to elements in MNX documents will be added; Adrian proposes adding a single style property to the specification so that there is a fully worked-out example.

Following that work, the next area to be tackled, as previously discussed, will be for dealing with the differences between scores and parts, in particular things like note spelling, as covered by issue #34.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting will be on Tuesday 15 March 2022.

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