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Co-chair meeting minutes: February 16, 2021

MusicXML 4.0

The following issues have been closed since the last co-chairs meeting:

  • #28: Clarifying the musical location for an offset at the end of the measure
  • #294: listen, listening and player elements
  • #307: Polychord and alternate bass notes for chord symbols
  • #362: Figured bass alignment
  • #363: Adding new sounds to the sounds.xml file

Michael has also brought #382 into scope for this release, which is a small task to include the new Note name noteheads supplement range in SMuFL 1.4.

Although excellent progress is being made on the remaining tasks in the MusicXML 4.0 milestone, Michael now feels that the target date of the end of March 2021 for completing this release is now too aggressive, and proposes moving it back by one month to the end of April 2021, with an ambition to reach feature completion by the middle of March, leaving the remainder of the time to complete the documentation.

The next issues Michael plans to work on are issues #335 (concerning pedal lines), #259 (adding an XML catalog file) and #382 (note name noteheads).

SMuFL 1.4

After Michael spotted a few incorrect details in the last version of the SMuFL 1.4 draft, Daniel has published an updated version here. Unless any further errors or omissions are identified in the next two weeks, the plan is to move to a final community report at the end of February 2021.


Adrian has continued to work on the docgenerator tool for MNX, and has implemented one of the two remaining missing features that was preventing the replacement of the existing MNX by Example page with the new MusicXML and MNX Compared page, namely the ability to switch between showing the full MusicXML or MNX document and only the area of interest. For more details, please see this GitHub commit message.

The only outstanding task prior to the replacement of the MNX by Example page is the ability to define the order in which the examples will appear, and Adrian will work on this next.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs meeting will take place on Tuesday 2 March 2021.

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