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Co-chair meeting minutes: December 8, 2020

SMuFL 1.4

Daniel has been working on some of the remaining issues and still expects to complete the outstanding work before the end of the year as planned.

MusicXML 4.0

Issue #37 concerning notations shown above or below the staff has had some excellent community discussion, and Michael is now ready to create a pull request that will also cover issue #23.

Issue #305 concerning percussion staves with irregular staff gaps has also been subject to a lot of discussion, and the related issue #351 will probably be targeted by the same pull request in due course.

Community member Karim Ratib has created an HTML version of the current state of the MusicXML 4.0 schema which has prompted Michael to consider just how we will produce the final documentation for MusicXML 4.0. Michael is going to create an issue to cover this work and do some initial investigation into the tooling that might be useful for this.


Adrian is also considering how to move the current state of the MNX specification out of the Bikeshed format and into another format that will hopefully allow creation of documents closer in style and format to the MNX by Example page. There may be some overlap with the task of producing the MusicXML 4.0 community report.

Adrian has added support to the mnxconverter project for beam hooks, secondary beams and beams across barlines in the format described in issue #198 in pull request #6. Pull request #205 covers the required changes to the specification, and there are now five beam examples in the MNX by Example page. These pull requests are now ready for review.

Next meeting

The next co-chair meeting will be on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

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