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Co-chair Meeting Minutes: October 27, 2020

MusicXML 4.0

Michael is next going to submit a pull request for issue #336 for figured bass placement, and then will tackle another issue in an area unrelated to the most recent work on enharmonic spelling and transformation. Although he’s not sure what the next thing will be, he’s leaning towards implementing proper support for swing (issue #283).

In case community members haven’t already seen it, Michael has also written a post in celebration of MusicXML’s 20th anniversary, which you can read here.

SMuFL 1.4

Daniel has begun working on the issues in the SMuFL 1.4 milestone, and has created an initial set of pull requests addressing 16 of the 29 issues currently remaining open in the milestone. Community members are invited to review the pull requests.

At this stage, these changes affect only the SMuFL specification; once all of the new and updated glyphs and ranges are decided, work will then proceed on updating the reference font, Bravura.

If any community group members have any remaining issues they would like to raise for consideration in SMuFL 1.4, they are encouraged to do so in the very near future, as the scope of this update will shortly need to be fully settled if the planned completion target of the end of 2020 is to be met.


Pull request #201 to remove the container element from MNX documents has now been merged, with thanks to James Ingram for his work on preparing that pull request. This closes issue #192. Adrian has updated the MNX converter project to reflect these changes.

Pull request #202, concerning the addition of a separate spec for the MNX container, has been closed with no further action for the time being.

Adrian has also added four proposals for the encoding of beaming in issue #198, and invites feedback from the community. Adrian will develop a few more examples to capture cases like beaming over barlines, secondary beam groups, and beamed grace notes and add them to the issue, but we invite feedback from the community on the proposals as presented.

Next meeting

The next co-chair meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 10 November.

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