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Involvement Survey

You’re new on the team?

Welcome and please send an email answering the following questions:

1. Are you just here for inspiration or do you want to contribute? It’s already great if your here for inspirational purpose.

2. If you want to actively contribute, how much time can you contribute, in general?

  1. A few hours a week of my employer’s time
  2. A few hours a week of my own time
  3. A few hours a month
  4. An occasional time slot, not regularly.

3. What do you want to work on? You can choose more than one, but list them in order of preference if possible.

  1. Sharing experiences,
  2. Searching for guidelines,
  3. Writing tutorials to create accessible Infographics
  4. Create a scale of accessibility for Infographics
  5. Other. Please add!
  6. Translating content in your native language.

4. If you have any specific skills, ideas or resources that would be useful to us, please list them here.

5. Why are you involved – what do you hope to gain out of contributing to the Infographics CG?

Thanks a lot!

ps. this survey is (very) inspired by Chris Mills work on Web Ed CG.

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