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A more precised focus for the DLD community group

Dear everyone,

This group has seen a low level of activity since its creation. We think that this may be due to a lack of more exact scope. After having discussed this with the W3C staff (kudos to them for the help!) we thus decided to update the description of the group to better scope what we will all be doing with it. Namely:

  • Discuss the relation between Linked Data and people living in Developing Countries (What data they produce/consume ? How can they do it ? …) and share relevant datasets/software/ideas;
  • Use the forum to provide (commercial) help to each other. There is a large number of individuals and companies that do something around the question of Development Linked Data. This forum can be used for match-making activities;
  • We will not aim at producing specifications.

We hope this “new” DLD will better fit the needs and expectation of everyone in it. If not please feel free to reply back to this post with your own view. Also feel free to invite more people to join, the more we are on this group the more lively discussions will be 😉

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