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TPAC 2011: Call For Participation – Declarative3D Community Group Meeting

Call For Participation -Declarative3D Community Group Meeting 

The Declarative 3D community group cordially invites other W3C experts to participate in these efforts.

Time: Tuesday 1 November 2011, 9 AM to 1 PM
As Part of the TPAC 2011 conference 
Declarative 3D Graphics on the Web
Proposers: Kristian Sons, Johannes Behr, Don Brutzman
Summary: the Declarative 3D Community Group invites other W3C groups to consider common requirements and use cases of shared interest.

Type of session: short talks followed by open discussion
Location: TBA, a conference room at TPAC in Marriott Hotel

Motivation. The Web evolved from a text based system to the current rich and interactive medium that supports images, 2D graphics, audio and video. These types of new media have made the Web experience richer, more attractive to users, etc, than ever before, and opened up possibilities for new types of applications and usage. The major media type that is still missing is 3D: synthetic, possibly photorealistic images in 3D with animation, as smoothly integrated in the everyday Web experience as images or video. Just as the appearance of images or video could open new application possibilities, access the 3D on a Web site would make it possible to include realistic models of 3D objects (from models of buildings to representation of the human body or the sceneries for computer games). As of today, such applications require separate applications or the installation of browser plugins; however the goal would be to achieve the same smooth inclusion of 3D content in a Web page like we experience today with images or SVG based 2D graphics.

The Declarative 3D Community Group is building requirements for integrating 3D capabilities with other W3C technologies by defining common use cases. This group will present common use cases that define how 3D might intersect and interact with HTML5, DOM events, CSS, SVG, GeoLocation, Augmented Reality (AR), Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) and other key working groups. Certain complex data types and computations are also of mutual interest.


Overview and Motivation (Sons & Behr)
Declarative 3D use cases and requirements (Brutzman)
Demonstrations (Sons, Behr, Ressler)

Technical coordination strategies with other W3C working groups

  • Base Types: SVG, CSS 3D Transform and X3D all define basic types (e.g. vector, 4×4 matrix) which are not harmonized yet
  • CSS Based Material System: The current coloring system of HTML is controlled by a fixed set of CSS parameter. This should be extend to a open and dynamic material system supporting different types of shading. The FX/Adobe Proposal might be a first step into this direction.
  • 3D Events: how to extend HTML5 DOM events to carry and exchange 3D scene data

We invite participation by people working in these other groups so that common ground can be defined, existing work can best be harmonized, and new requirements can be clearly identified

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