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Meeting reminder: December 2, 2021 at 14:00 UTC

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  1. (Rain) Meeting notes and identify scribe
  2. (Adi, Lee, Szu) Project update: Report on how live transcriptions in synchronous meetings benefit participants with cognitive differences and disabilities 
  3. (Kiki) Project update: Education and outreach
  4. (Edward, Kiki) Project update: Report on why visual connections matter in content
  5. (Lisa, Rain) Project proposal: creation of small videos of panel discussions on each objective
  6. Round table topics (this list represents the order, but we will only do topics when the proposing individual is present and ready, so can go to the next item if needed): 
    • Santina: stigma, and how to overcome it
    • Rashmi: font accessibility
    • Noreen: share on her academic work
    • Santina: “cog fog” as a very present reality in our COVID-world and how it impacts usability
  7. Closing questions and next steps

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