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first Workshop event at 25/Mar/2016

the blockchain community group will open workshop event at 25/Mar/2016 at Korea.

the goals of workshop are

  • group formation
  • develop issues by sharing knowledge of each industry domains
  • review draft group charter

the location and other details will be posted later after confirmation of host.

15 Responses to first Workshop event at 25/Mar/2016

  • may I assume this will be set up to allow for remote participation? jeffs


  • I might as well start the introductions off…

    I do not count myself as either a crypto or blockchain internal tech expert. I see myself as a generalist who sees enormous potential usefulness in a distributed db maintaining a growing list of hardened data records.

    I am a recently retired RIT prof (College of Computing), I worked on mobile with W3C way-back-when, and I am fascinated by VR & AR.

    I look forward to this group laying down a route forward for the community to develop and mature some useful standards & best-practices.



    • I think many experts in different industries has good understanding and solution for blockchain.
      but the big problem I found is standard which can be applied to multiple industry domains.
      I believe the community will be able to develop useful standards and best-practices.


    • Youngwhan Lee

      Thanks Jeff for the introduction about himself.

      To follow his initiation, I introduce myself.

      My name is Youngwhan but I use a nick, Nick. Grin.

      I currently teach at a university in Korea, Konkuk Univ. in the department of Financial IT. I am interested in data trading and its enabling technologies.

      I am very excited about the group. I can’t wait to make my two-penny worth of contributions to many issues that may be discussed in the community.


  • Kim,Euigyeom[김의겸]

    시간 부탁드림니다
    참석 가능한지 회신도 부탁 합니다



  • Hi all,

    To avoid confusion, I want to clarify that this is an event being organized under the name of the Community Group. This is not a “W3C Workshop” (as defined in the W3C Process).

    If you have any questions, please contact me.



  • Hello – introductions…

    I am Joe Roets, Software Architect and Lead Blockchain Architect at the Walt Disney Company.

    I’ve been working on Bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain projects since 2010.

    I’m former:
    Senior Vice President – Engineering at (Smart Contract / Bitcoin based Bonds platform).
    Senior Technical Advisor at Overstock/Project Medici (crypto-securities).
    Chief Architect at createTank / cr3473 – R&D and services firm (non-financial focused applications of cryptocurrency/blockchain).

    My team is currently working to build a blockchain platform at Disney for use with many financial and non-financial use cases.

    We’re interested in standardization of many aspects of blockchain technology.

    I’m greatly excited to join the group.

    Thank you.


  • Sreejith Anavangot

    I am a Solution Architect at UST Global, looking forward to know the various trend and projects in blockchain


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