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Concept Map(s) and Topic List

We should try to provide some visual representation for our vocabulary

Editable first diagram

Tentative discussion points:

  • one or more CM?
  • which tool(s) can we use to develop¬† a collaborative concept map
  • which method/approaches? (mapping text to visual or visual to text?)

Paste your proposed drafts/ links and images hre



KR for AI based UI Development

KR for Neuromorphic Engineering and Computing

KR for NN data and spiking models

KR for Neural Interfaces /Intention Capture

Knowledge extraction and categorization for AI/ML

Tagging in AI/ML

Knowledge Organization and structuring

Knowledge Graphs for AI vs Natural Language Representation

AI representation syntaxes and languages including ML

Metadata extraction and hierarchies

NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning

Conceptual identification and representation
KR with multiple and different viewpoints

Knowledge Based Intelligent Systems (reasoning)

Automation and Reasoning

KR for streaming AI real time data

Natural-Language Generation

KR  in Chatbots

Kr for Deep Neural Networks

KR in Conversational User Interfaces

Kr and AI ethics

KR and intelligent autonomy

KR in computerized speech and vision





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