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Community & Business Groups


Thank you very much for joining,

Here is the WIKI where members can create pages, upload documents and links, please ping the group’s mailing list when you create a new page so that others can be informed of the new stuff.

What a great group to start with and so much interesting work to be done ahead of us

  •  Nominate co-chairs and check availability of members to future chair and co chairs, Members please enter some info  about your vision/aims for participating in this CG here when you have a moment
  • quick round of introductions! (via mailing list)
  •  populate a task list (roughly based on the editable doc)
  • claim one or more tasks, by entering your name next to the task and ontribute to as many tasks as possible
  • Start writing a paper or organise a  seminar /workshop and invite others to contribute, Possible publication outlets
  • Form a consortium to make a funding proposals? anyone with experience in obtaining funding could lead this task
  •  ….. else?
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