Designing Silver


Designing "Silver" has moved

Silver is the temporary project name for the project to examine and define the process for a future successor to WCAG, which may also incorporate guidance from other W3C Specifications such as UAAG, and ATAG. A subgroup of the WCAG WG is meeting to develop proposals to be presented to the WCAG WG for action going forward.

The Silver Task Force wiki has moved.

Now that the Silver project is an official task force of the WCAG WG, there is a separate wiki. The wiki pages linked from this page for the Silver project are not maintained and are archival only.

This page is no longer maintained

See the Silver Task Force wiki for the latest information on the Silver project.

Phase 1: Designing the Process

Goals for Designing the Process (in progress)

Options Presented to WCAG WG for TPAC F2F (archive)

  1. Design Driven Option This is the group of methods best oriented toward producing the best research and data-driven decisions for the design of Silver.
  2. Faster Progress Option This is the group of methods best oriented toward producing Silver most expeditiously.
  3. Greatest Flexibility Option This is the group of methods that will provide a flexible design that will adapt to changing future needs.
  4. Lowest Cost/Minimum Resources Option This is the most constrained option, but may be the reality that we need to deal with.

Brainstorming the Process (archive)

Phase 2: Designing "Silver"

Agendas and Minutes


  • WCAG_Next_Steps_Workshop - A proposal for designing that was not used in the development of 2.1 and was saved for future work.


  • Jeanne Spellman (lead)
  • Sarah Horton (UX and design facilitation)
  • Shawn Lauriat (technical and user expertise)
  • Michael Cooper (team contact)
  • Andrew Kirkpatrick (WCAG co-chair)

Conference Call Information

[This information is no longer correct and has been removed.] 

See the Silver Task Force Wiki for current conference call information.