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Silver Subgroup meeting minutes of 13 July 2016

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Minutes of kickoff meeting of 13 July 2016

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Participants: Sarah Horton, Shawn Lauriet, Jeanne Spellman

Minutes from notes from Jeanne Spellman and Sarah Horton


Sarah: Review of How do we do the process of the process

  • Design thinking
  • User-centered process

Create a Project Charter with process, governance, goals & measurements

Looking at WCAG:

  • What is this thing?
  • How do people respond to it?
  • What should it be in the world?

WCAG today is about surface accessibility, but not about functionality Want to bring WCAG to modern technology

General Notes:

  • How did we get here
  • Shortcomings of WCAG for current technology, but this isn't the time to address that yet
  • Glad we started small
  • How do we want to work? wiki, phone meetings. Advantages in a F2F, but did not resolve whether it would be possible.
  • Who else do we want to pull in? We want a few more people (who are less familiar with WCAG?) for more input, but want to keep the group small to keep it nimble. [brainstormed some names]


Phase 1: Designing the Process Phase 2: Designing Silver


Sarah was reading off descriptions of roles in a classic project and we discussed how the various players fit into those roles.

  • Sponsor & Advisor: Michael Cooper
  • Steering: Andrew and Joshue (WCAG Chairs)
  • Project Team
    • Lead: Jeanne Spellman
    • Facilitator: Sarah Horton
    • Shawn Lauriat
    • (open)
    • (open)


  • How often do we want to meet
    • twice weekly
    • Tuesday standup
    • working meeting later in week
  • Name? WCAG planning/design sub-group (unresolved. tabled)
  • Make work transparent
  • Set up wiki page

Next meeting is Thursday at 9:00AM EDT - Planning Phase 1

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