Silver subgroup

26 Jul 2016

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jeanne, shawn, AWK


Building Friday work plan

Review the Brainstorming documents and consolidate

Finish reviewing Brainstorming docs

Add to the question document

Start creating a list of organizations and communities to approach


Understandable by anyone because we want as broad an input as we can.

Vitally important to get feedback from people who are more peripherally involved in standards work.

People may want to give input on roadblocks or common issues on the web.

We need to develop lists of people we want to reach out to, like organizations of people with disabilities.

We may need separate surveys.

Some organizations have more focus on digital accessible than others.

Reach out beyond the usual disability organizations -- find the disabilities that WCAG has not served well in the past.

scribe: CP organizations for wheelchair groups
... Low vision
... Speech input
... Talk to Cognitive Accessibility Task force for recommendations of groups to talk to.

Create list of organizations to talk to and share with WCAG WG.

Shawn: People who are in organizations may not know WCAG or the technologies in detail. From that we can extrapolate more of what we should cover.

AWK: Low Vision TF did a lot of this, and developed a user needs document. I would frame the discussion around developing a User Needs document. This will help document and justify more of the requirements. Authoritative.
... There are user needs for different groups, and I think we should contact major groups as well. I would be surprised if we learned a lot from blind and hearing impairment organizations that we don't already know. I think we have the traditional organziations well, but just because I think we do doesn't mean that we do.
... I am most concerned about implementation requirements. I hear things from the TF that won't fit in 2.1 -- If we need to address everything for every possible user. That would be very hard. It may be what we want to target. There are people implementing it, that there is resistence to all they have to require. We may be able to require more if we make conformance simpler.

Shawn: Web content developers, content creators, and accessibility professionals are also people we want to reach with the survey
... as much of a breadth of input that we can get. Also legal experts, implementers who know WCAG - where they stop and why -- and the people who are affected by all of this.
... that's why we want multiple surveys, both for vocabulary and perspective.

Next call is Friday 9:30-11:00

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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