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23 Aug 2016

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Andrew, Jeanne, Sarah, Shawn
Sarah, jeanne


<SarahHorton> scribe: Sarah

<SarahHorton> Shawn: Originally had last Friday to set up process, ended up doing horizontal work Friday

<SarahHorton> Jeanne: Some results on survey goals

Process Options

<jeanne> scribe: jeanne

<SarahHorton> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1irMybNoo-yUaUlEoo4beqIkTX7MUmyBX4b2eqZNjfR8/edit?usp=sharing

Sarah: I got a request from Detlev Fischer for shareable links.
... so this link is publicly viewable
... I know a lot about the Discovery phase
... I split the methods into categories
... I put explanation into the methods
... we could do a stakeholder map, or inventory of stakeholders.
... when we talk to people (including a survey) we get what they want to tell us
... contextual interviews, you get their thoughts, but you also get observations
... it builds in the richness of data
... Secondary research is where we look at data. We can do interviews as part of that as well.

Shawn: We also should look at WCAG and the process component parts
... the process of creating and maintaining WCAG for WCAG 1, 2, and 2.1

Jeanne: We should also look at ways that people have reinterpreted WCAG

Shawn: Why and how major players (like IBM) have done that.

Sarah: We have started a stakeholder map
... add stakeholder of "people who create adaptations of WCAG"
... In the Interpretation phase, we turn data into insights and communicate those insights
... how people use WCAG: Case studies (individuals); Personas (generalized data) and User Stories (put the generalized data into motion/work flow)
... we have to choose key themes (we can't do everything for everyone)
... group things into categories
... communicate the results of the interpretation phase

[discussion of the idea of Design Studio-type workshop

Jeanne: We need an option that doesn't include a workshop

Sarah: OpenIDEO is a platform of challenges
... we may do both

Jeanne: We could look at a way of forming structured discussion in the WAI-IG and WebAIM mailing lists.

Sarah: The Experimentation phase needs more buildout

Jeanne: Let's work on this now

Shawn: So from the workshop, we would get a "wireframe-type" approach
... and in the Experimentation phase, we would turn it into a functional prototype and then do usability testing on it.

Sarah: I nthe end, we have to be able to choose.

Shawn: The speed approach would be to walk through it in the context of the personas, and project the experience. That could be done in a day.
... thinking through the different levels of prototyping. Contrast the depth and speed of going through prototypes. The in-depth would be framework for Silver with structure and use cases of someone trying to find information within the structure.
... the lighter weight prototype method might be more piecemeal so it is a part of a user story
... rather than something that resembles a final document.
... just a few key user stories
... you can prototype an entire app with user testing, or you can have one dialog within the application.

Jeanne: We could do presentations at confereneces and get feedback

Sarah: We can do interviews. This is where talking with real people really matters.
... we could do interviews at conferences or phone interviews
... possibly showing paper prototypes where people interpret what things will do and how they will work.

Jeanne: We could do mockups where we could send out a survey broadly. That would be a low cost option.

Shawn: I am going to take this Process Options document and edit out any of the options that are not oriented toward UX research.
... for the Design heavy process, it makes sense to keep the Research section. We can remove the minimal framework part for each of the methods in Experimentation
... Structured focus groups, rather than Conference presentations

Sarah: The Process matrix'

<SarahHorton> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C4Wqf-g-0X_HqbJ-4euFS_U0xEISnURnilV6TJk7FQs/edit?usp=sharing

Sarah: putting that in the minutes so people can see. We need to put in the new Methods
... and we need to fill this matrix out more.

Jeanne: We need more methods for other processes for Ideation and Experimentation phase.

Sarah: We need to do the survey in every method, because it is necessary to bring people along.

Shawn: We need to go into more detail on the survey -- from a general survey that is very general
... to specific surveys for specific groups.

Jeanne: I think the analysis of WCAG interpretations should be a component accross all the process options. That is 8 years of people saying "WCAG doesn't work for me, I'm going to do it THIS way".
... the process options could scope how detailed this analysis is.

Sarah: This week, we should fill out the Methods more. Use the What, WHy, How bullets to describe them.
... Fill out the matrix more

Shawn: On Friday, we can use this to break this up into separate documents.
... fill out the matrix and design methods spreadsheet, for each of the options
... rank the impact of each of the methods
... make a copy of the process options document
... make a sketch of each one
... review each sketch in the context of the entire process
... does it flow from start to finish within each process
... This differs from the initial timeline as finalizing the list of goals, and then sequentially doing each process.
... what we are doing is creating all the options at the same time and creating and refining the options in parallel.

We will all enter the Methods and Matrix information before Friday.

s/Process Options/Flesh out the Process Options document with methods

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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