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Member action items

John R:

Julie R:

Jennie D:

  • guardianship draft with John K
  • Images (January, 2022): review design direction with graphic designer
  • Images (September 23): clarify specifications with Michael Cooper for adding images into the document, Rain will help bring this to Michael and Steve as well to see if there a template for content usable document

John K:

  • Task (September 30 for next update): guardianship draft with Jennie
  • recruiting for mental health

Chris W:

Allie B:

David F:

  • Mental Health (target deadline?): take all of the review that David has done and put them into the lit review document for the group to reference

Justine P (paused):

Andrew K:


Kris Anne K:

Abi J:


Steve L:

  • Task (September/October): COGA website design prototype

Roy R:

Albert K:

  • Task (November 4 for next update): New member documentation, will take the recorded orientation from meeting with Julie and work on that within the document


  • Mental Health (September 30): check in regarding approval for anonymous participation in mental health subgroup (waiting while this is being discussed at the staff level)

Lisa S:

  • Task (Due date?): How to organize research for each pattern
  • Mental health (August 30): temp chair

Rain M:

Subgroups and tasks

  • Mental Health Subgroup
    • Participants: Justine, David, Albert, JohnK, Chris, Rachael, MarkH , Lisa
    • Primary action: lit review
  • Silver Subgroup
    • Participants - (Clear Language)': Julie, JohnR, Jan, Chris, Lisa, Abi, EA, Rain
    • Participants - (Help): Rain, JohnK, Jan, Jennie, Lisa
    • Primary action: Clear Words and Help guidelines for Silver
  • Images Subgroup
    • Participants: Rain, Jennie, JohnK
    • Primary action: creating illustrations of patterns

Pending / slow burn


  • Faqs for new members-


group actions /todo for next publication

note, names are leads only


  • final edit list
  • final html respec


  • rain: organize and close (where appropriate) issues

WCAG 2.2

  • See Upcoming AG Agendas for when your SC will be up for discussion at the Accessibility Guidelines working group


  • ara review, Jenni and John R's assosiate

Delayed until after publication

Proposed Actions, Items and Changes

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when adding a comment or suggestion etc, please add your name

Note, we do a periodic review if there are any issues or processes that members are finding hard. However please bring them up as soon as they occur so we can address them.

Needed from issues done or rejected

  • move appendix 1 to before user stories, or references it (issue 13 from EO)
  • Review Objective text: (betsy) Some Objectives in the Design Guide have text eg Obj 1 and others have none eg Obj 2. They should all have text to expand on Objective outlines in the Summary section and help to to understand the broad "Themes" before diving into the Pattern details. (Steve)
  • Various - add and clear up examples
  • roy/michael take out word patterns and user need from table of content (only change heading : "Patterns for Objective 4": Help Users Avoid Mistakes or Correct Them followed by headings with out the t OR "userneeds for Objective 4"
  • Ensure Patterns agree with proposed WCAG 2.2 SCs: ie Accessible Authentication, Findable Help, Hidden Controls & Redundant Entry. Maybe wait till they are accepted? - they have different scope . also AG is not yet ready


  • (editorial review) Should we merge two of the login patterns: possibly both "Allow the User a Simple, Single Step, Login" and "Provide a Login Alternative with Less Words" could be merged into variations of "Use a simplified login". (Steve)
    • Editors: they are different. many people can do one but not both. essential services should do both!
  • Possible new pattern - explain why a question is asked: personally I often want to know why a question is being asked in a multistep process and if it will impact that process or something else? I recently use something which told me why some questions were asked. That removes uncertainty/stress. Is this a common coga pattern or just me? Or Perhaps its covered by 'Provide Help for Forms and Non-standard Controls' (Steve)
**- Editors and steve agree needs more research
  • * Provide Help and Alternative Content for Complex Information and Tasks - editorial "help" is not really covered at all
    • - need more info

Other issues

  • Review Objective 'Support Adaptation and Personalization' as considerable complexity in content provision vs AT etc etc. Not clear what devs can do.
    • editors: we feel that new summary and patterns define this
  • Let Users Control When the Content Changes - user need is inappropriate
    • editors: checked - add word moves to patter?

Review fragment ids: (eg the 'summary' in the URI '') There are a number of issues here but in short where they have been manually defined in the source some seem to be incorrect. It might be better to leave blank so are auto generated by reSpec - requires Editorial Discussion (Steve)

    • Lisa:should be done before publication by roy

Proposed actions for after November

  • as per issue 199, intergrate our resources with EO
  • review with EO their content, including
    • Cognitive Accessibility at W3C
      • See: Draft analysis for expanding this resource or creating a new resource
      • How People with Disabilities Use the Web — 3 sub-pages
      • Open issue on Updating (possibly expanding) coverage of cognitive and learning disabilities
      • Example update: In Stories of Web Users page, add link to web version of Content Usable Personas section
      • Accessibility Principles
    • Relevant Perspectives Videos
    • review links are we missing anything?
    • update resources page
    • Should there be a special media track with explanations? Can we explore this and coordinate it?