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The Images Sub Group of the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Images


  • Jennie Delisi
  • John Kirkwood
  • Rain Michaels
  • Designers: Pamela, Kyle (Note: these are volunteers working on the task, not members of the COGA task force.)


The Images Sub Group is working on images and illustrations that will help people understand the objectives and patterns in Making content usable for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

Our workflow is to work on the illustrations for one pattern at a time in order to make sure that they are truly good examples.


  1. Create a wireframe that illustrates the pattern
  2. Review the wireframe with the task force to ensure that it actually meets the pattern and doesn't introduce new challenges
  3. Once consensus is received, turn the wireframe over to a visual designer who will create a well designed version of it
  4. Review the designed version with the task force to ensure nothing new was introduced that creates challenges
  5. Once approved, make it available in a supplemental document until we are able to integrate the illustrations into the public document

Current tasks / Sprint goals (through mid-May 2023)

  • Rain and John will review current designs and compare to find appropriate patterns (present to Kyle, Pamela and Jennie on May 5)
  • Kyle and Pamela will do some clean up. File ready for end of 6 week sprint.

By the end of the 6 week sprint we will have an idea of what the close-ups will be.

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