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Welcome to the WIKI for the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force (COGA)

We are trying to improve Web Accessibility for people with learning and cognitive disabilities.

See our key links to make content usable for people with cognitive and learning disabilities:

We would love to hear your comments. To comment you can:

Task force members - work and planning

See the [actions page] for our current list of tasks. Also see [priorities] , work, and [timelines].


See the list of subgroups.

More useful documents

We are working on documents for research, planning technology for more inclusion, and content with practical advice on what to do You can find more work at our Key Documents page

Background Research Documents

This is background level research about the issues and challenges. It is useful for reaserchers, policy makers and people wanting more information:

We have also used the research from Research sources

Gap analysis

This is for W3C groups and standard makers looking to understand where the issues lay and how technology could help.

See road map and gap analysis, (doc). It contains:

  • Summary of issues
  • Summary of techniques
  • Roadmap - Tables of user needs and how tech and standards could help
  • We may add challenges from the research module above.

Key team wiki pages



For more information on our work see our home page, our public email list or our work statement.

Additional key resources