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This page is for us to record action or review requests

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Action or review requests from other groups

group type of request status (not assigned, assigned, done) description date for feedback team feedback to
ag user need survey end june looking for volunteers survey
EO Survey Feedback EOWG is updating "Stories of Web Users" and wants input from COGA to accurately include cognitive issues and considerations in these user stories. Survey available July 16th - Survey closes Monday, July 26th. looking for volunteers to complete the survey OR Group discussion in the meeting during that timeframe survey
APA suggestions for changes done APA has made a list of user needs and requirements for people with disabilities when using virtual reality or immersive environments, augmented or mixed reality and other related technologies (XR) Please look at the draft on github. Specific issues on github that we have been asked to review: Immersive personalisation #183, Immersive semantics and customization #182, and Understanding Actionable Targets COGA #181 asap david and John K, , Jennie to reach out to the xr symposiam apa
Silver and WCAG 3 write guideline for Help pending fit the user story for help into the silver template , incorporating the related and mapped patterns end of July 2021 with Jan - Rain, johnk, Jenie some input from Lisa Silver
Silver and WCAG 3 collaborate on guideline for Clear Words pending Identity team members from the COGA TF, then have those team members contribute end of June 2021 Rain working on identifying team members, Abi James available to give feedback but not join meetings Silver
pronunciation with apa review of Specification for Spoken Presentation in HTML done, issue opened at draft add issues toe the [apa issues] date due EA and Abi pronunciation
AG review wcag 2.2 comments about coga SC asap...

review comments and issues to give support, more perspective etc. (The first three have drafts sent to the list. we are doing this on the call)|| date due || team || wcag?

example: group action type status description date due team issues at group