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Upcoming agendas

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The teleconf information is member-only.

February 7th (Alastair)

February 14th (Chuck)

Feb 21st (Rachael)

  • Culture update & feedback
  • WCAG 2.2 issues [60 minutes]

February 28th (Alastair)

  • WCAG 2.2 issues [60 minutes]

Potential topics

  • Equity Group PR 654
  • Bring back equity group structure - Invite APA
  • Acceptance criteria for Silver guidelines, min bar for publishing (from Jake)
  • WCAG 2.x improvements (from Jake)
  • Complicated URLs (from Bruce)
  • Could Ken Nakata or Lainey Feingold speak to us about the legal aspects, simple vs clear. Check Ken's Digital Accessibility Legal Summit Keynote Video for his WCAG 3 concerns. The clarity vs simple part starts at 12:50 "I'm concerned about WCAG 3.0…" (From Laura)
  • Metadata discussion, pertaining to 3rd party content (from JF/Silver)
  • Discuss multi-document approach (from Janina/Wilco in Silver meeting)
  • Conformance vs. Compliance (tentative)
  • AGWG/Silver Happy hour
  • Discuss subgroup asynchronous participation
  • ED OCR NDAT (Bruce's proposal to have a guest presenter)


January 31st (Rachael)

January 24th (Alastair, Chuck)

January 17th (Alastair)

January 10th (Chuck)

December 20th, 27th, Jan 3rd

  • No meetings

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