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Upcoming agendas

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October 3rd (Rachael)

  • Phrasing Outcomes
  • TPAC Subgroup work
    • Prevent Harm (Jeanne)
    • Control and Focus Appearance (Alastair)
    • Text appearance and Semantics (Chuck)
    • User Control (Rachael)

October 10th (Chuck)

  • Timing and Interruptions
  • TPAC Subgroup Work
    • Content Order
    • Mobile and pointer support
    • Nonvisual alternatives
    • Provide Help

October 17th (Alastair)

  • TPAC Subgroup Work
    • Clear Purpose
    • Color and Contrast
    • Error Notification
    • Keyboard Support

October 24th (Rachael)

(Alastair away)

October 31st

Previous Agendas

September 26th (Alastair)

  • TPAC Subgroup work
    • Audio and video alternatives
    • Consistent design
    • Flexible views
    • Structured content

September 19th (Chuck)

September 11th - 15th TPAC

  • Goal: Work through as many guidelines as possible using the Silver writing process
  • TPAC 2023 Schedule

September 5th (Rachael)

  • Timing and Interruptions Subgroup update
  • Harm from Motion Subgroup briefing
  • TPAC Preparation
    • Sub-Groups (draft of who is in what)
    • Writing guide
    • Templates & Github pages

August 29th (Alastair)

August 22nd (Chuck)

August 8th & 15th (Training, no regular meeting)

Attend the 8th or 15th

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