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Timelines and actions

For next week - primary

Other actions

  • On next publications
    • bots and wayfinding issuepapers - John Kirkwood
  • On secondary items

Next publications (April 2019 - was jan 2019)

Making content useable and design guide

Next gap analysis Version - restructure of gap analysis

  • build up user needs with stories as linked to document. (taken from design guide etc)
  • apply new format to the rest of the tables and update user need
  • add references to new user need repository
  • We also have to integrate the new version of 1.2
  • wish list
  • Current Actions
    • Current Actions are completed, final changes need to be decided

Seconday items

  • Potential WCAG 2.2 SC (across all Task Forces) (Glenda and Alastair sub group)
  • Coga Resources on WAI Website (medium priority, Steve and ? sub group activity)
  • We also want to provide some support for silver at the same time
  • Building the terms and glossary (sub groups)

Next publication (July-Augast 2019)

  • processing issues
  • redundancy in design guide addressed
  • more work on persona, user needs and user testing
  • mental health paper integrated into gap anlaisis

wish list (aug 2019?)

  • bots and wayfinding issuepapers
  • editing and consistency of terms across publication documents
  • consistency of standard of design guide items

Issues and current proposals

Gap analysis does not meet the need

  • Janina is making a restructuring proposal

Content is hard to find

  • Landing page with what documents are available for what intended audience.
  • The current resources
  • This content should be edited and made appropriate for a W3C WAI landing page
  • We have separated content intended for different audiences

Terms are not used consistently

  • Abi, Jennie and Steve are collecting terms that need to be clarified
  • Hope to work on consistency across our documents the publications May 2019
  • risk that the terms are not being collected

Editorial quality

Design Guide guidelines are hard to follow

  • Have an official version in the TR note but an easier to follow version with collapsible content that mines the note as a resource
  • See Design Guide mock ups . Mock up with element open (2) is the preferred option
  • Similar interactive format is WCAC QuickRef
  • Expected in next iteration of publication.(see timlines for when this is expected)

What to do with user research document

  • User Research - find two or three editors to work on it as a sub team without detracting and defocusing the main group

What to do with issue papers

  • Build as needed
  • Publish summaries in gap analysis
  • Possibly publish full drafts as resource (low priority)


  • Help support Silver by testing prototypes with hard cases from coga

Outstanding other issues

  • Recruiting people with disabilities, and people who can perform writing tasks - keeping the balance
  • We are waiting for approval to have a research group liaison
  • Do we need other liaisons?
  • To keep momentum we need to publish often and have FTF meetings

We need to work on helping people understand the problems.

  • So far we have the user research, issue papers user needs and personas.
  • We are also going to add content on this in the gap analysis.
  • We need to ad references and Link to our user descriptions from different places
  • Videos and similar resources are needed for the use cases. We have an outline but no funding to make them
  • Before and after pages are also needed for the use cases

old deadlines

This section has been removed from the timelines as they ar4e completed

The road map and gap analysis has user analysis, Issue papers on topics such as security, safety and how they are affected by cognitive disabilities, [table of user needs ] and a section on [making content more usable for people with learning and cognitive disabilities] .

Works in progress are also available at Gap Analysis Issue Papers.

We hope to have publications at the end of February/March, May/June and September and october and to be able to move to note form 3 month after that.

  • The first publication to have updates on work already completed such as the tables of user needs and summary issue papers that are done .* We expect the second publication to contain summary of on making inclusive content for people with cognitive disabilities including user testing and additional updates to the tables of user needs and issue papers. This was done in the first version although more work is needed
  • We expect the third publication had Wayfinding of the document and more work in the design requirements

wish list items are: updating the tables according to the editors notes, get section 1.2 back in, background on disabilities section

Here is our List for Gap Analysis V2

Here is our List for Gap Analysis V3 Hope to publish in Aug/Sept

  • finding your way around the document and
  • more work in the design requirements
  • process some issues

wish list items are:

  • updating the tables according to the editors notes,
  • get section 1.2 back in,
  • background on disabilities section
  • editorial review

Next version of the research - May 2018 (Needs a lot of editorial work)

  • The second publication and third publications to also address any comments and editorial concern Wishlist items. Hopefully, we will also be able to add:
  • summaries of new issue papers on wayfinding and voice/conversational interfaces (if ready) (was done in May version)
  • research module emotional disabilities, initially addressing stress, anxiety and depression(summary added - more work needed )
  • Integrate the new work into gap analysis and appendix