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Subgroups/WCAG 3 Coordination

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WCAG 3 Coordination

Sub Group of the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force and Silver


WCAG 3 Coordination is working on turning user stories and other guidance in Making content usable for people with cognitive and learning disabilities into the Silver format and help get it though the wcag 3/ silver process.

Note that different people will be involved for each user story / silver guideline.

Subgroup general coordinator: Rain

Current Task Groups


What the Help group is working on

  • All
    • Review the user story for help and the related and mapped patterns , and figure out how these fit into the Silver Help template
    • Work on our individual tasks within the Silver Help template
    • Capture how we decide on what to include by noting our decisions
    • While including content, flag whether what you are including should be considered a critical failure and whether or not it can be evaluated through automated testing, as we will start building these lists in one of our upcoming working sessions
    • Document any ideas you have about how this template might be better, as this is only the second use of this template for Silver methods, and now is a good time to make improvements if we find them
    • As going through our sections, add any examples we find to the Examples section, and any dependencies we find to the Dependencies section
    • Include the pattern number and link as you are entering information so that everyone can tell what has been reviewed, and what hasn't
  • JohnK (nothing specific, work on document as able)
  • Jennie
  • Jan
    • Continue with the Tests section of the document , including looking at the past tests that the COGA group has tried to include in previous SCs, and bring in those tests that we might want to review as a group
  • Lisa (nothing specific, work on document as able)
  • Rain
  • Next working session we will:
    • Look at the progress each of us has made on our tasks and give feedback, adjust as needed
    • Look at supporting material and figure out what we need to do next
    • Merge things that are duplicative, or break up sub-assignments to work on for reducing duplication between working sessions

Things we've done

  • Reviewed the functional categories and decided which ones should be included, or not, and why
  • Created a historical document with links to previous drafts and issues for Findable Help

Clear Language

  • Task leader: JohnR and Julie Rawe
  • Core writing group: JohnR, Julie Rawe, Jan McSorley (Silver), Patricia D'Ambrosio (Silver), Rain
  • Participants: JohnR, E.A., Lisa, Chris W, Abi James, Jennie, Ela Gorla (Silver), Francis Storr (Silver), Angela Hooker (Silver), Jeanne Spellman (Silver), Shannon Urban (Silver)
  • Meeting time: weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern Time, 10am Pacific Time
  • Meeting link:
  • Working document: Silver Clear Language template
  • Target deadline: September, 2021

What Clear Language is working on

  • Work with the current Clear Language group to review, give feedback, and help author the Silver Clear Words template
    • Align the document with the content usable document
    • Chunk out patterns from content usable to find where they belong
    • Look at internationalization
    • Look at ways to test
  • Work on a template or framework for that will inform clear words and understandable writing in all Silver guidelines
    • What we do in this group will be impactful to how we frame conformance requirements

Current drafts (last updated December 8, 2021)

Additional Content

Document and Resource Links

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Clear Language

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