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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-3781 (edit) pending review Add spec text for crossorigin attribute on script, image, use. Erik Dahlström 2015-04-30
ACTION-2021 (edit) open Add informative implementation tip regarding filter primitive subregion and research the second question in Robert's email and respond to that as well Erik Dahlström 2008-05-22 Module: Filters
ACTION-2030 (edit) open Review and fix the color normalization mismatches in the test Erik Dahlström 2008-05-29 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2039 (edit) open Mark up assertions in current filter module specs Erik Dahlström 2008-05-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2065 (edit) open Reword the enable-background property example Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 Module: Filters
ACTION-2066 (edit) open Propose wording that clarifies the use of background image outside of the viewPort bounds Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 BackgroundImage
ACTION-2077 (edit) open Test implementations for percentage values in clipPath, etc. Erik Dahlström 2008-07-03 percentage-objectbbox
ACTION-2172 (edit) open Review linking-a-202-t.svg Erik Dahlström 2008-08-31 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2196 (edit) open Work with AG on integrating ROC's proposal into the filters spec Erik Dahlström 2008-09-23 Module: Filters
ACTION-2204 (edit) open Review animate-elem-86-t test Erik Dahlström 2008-09-30 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2221 (edit) open Send comments about text-area-206 to the list for review Erik Dahlström 2008-10-02 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2259 (edit) open Alter udom-svg-225-t so it does not require infinite precision in timing and rely on undocumented order of execution Erik Dahlström 2008-10-09 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2282 (edit) open Remove the sub tests from the trait tests that relies on not supported error to be thrown Erik Dahlström 2008-10-16 traitAccess accessing rules
ACTION-2411 (edit) open Review 1.2T/tests/animate-elem-82-t.svg and make sure the positions are correct for the paced animations, and move the test back to draft/unapproved for now Erik Dahlström 2009-01-26 Test Suite - SVG Tiny 1.2
ACTION-2417 (edit) open Test the focus highlight problem is SVG Tiny 1.2 relating to ISSUE-2037 Erik Dahlström 2009-02-02 focushighlight-inheritance
ACTION-2431 (edit) open Start the discussion on security SVG/canvas/filters etc with the security-group at opera Erik Dahlström 2009-02-09
ACTION-2440 (edit) open Investigate simplex noise filter further Erik Dahlström 2009-02-12
ACTION-2454 (edit) open Fix conf-reader-20x to not display the random prefix strings, instead check the values in DOM and mark success with a green rect or smth Erik Dahlström 2009-02-19
ACTION-2462 (edit) open Play with preserveAspectRatio=\"something slice\" to achieve something like crop but without using crop Erik Dahlström 2009-02-23 ISSUE-2002
ACTION-2486 (edit) open Send mail to the CSS WG asking about their border-radius clamping algorithm Erik Dahlström 2009-03-16
ACTION-2564 (edit) open Email Julien regarding intrinsic animation idea and what behaviour he'd expect Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 SVG Duration
ACTION-2569 (edit) open Draft a proposal to have width and height properties Erik Dahlström 2009-05-27 foreignObject w/h
ACTION-2578 (edit) open Consider adding an informative note in the Filters module about color-interpolation-filers and feDisplacementMap, Erik Dahlström 2009-06-01
ACTION-2579 (edit) open Add SVG 1.1F2 filter tests, see Erik Dahlström 2009-06-04
ACTION-2633 (edit) open Create test cases that test filter regions for a range of different filter primitives Erik Dahlström 2009-07-15
ACTION-2638 (edit) open Ask about MAMA usage for SVG document frequency and SVG DOM API usage Erik Dahlström 2009-07-22
ACTION-2639 (edit) open Email implementors about their thoughts on improving the SVG DOM Erik Dahlström 2009-07-22
ACTION-2655 (edit) open Review media fragments uc&r document Erik Dahlström 2009-08-26
ACTION-2658 (edit) open Investigate "Inheritance during SVG animation of CSS properties" and reply on www-svg Erik Dahlström 2009-08-26
ACTION-2668 (edit) open Make image and find wording for Ola'fs feDistantLight issue Erik Dahlström 2009-09-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2675 (edit) open Summarize the html5 conclusions from these minutes and send them to the HTML WG Erik Dahlström 2009-10-05
ACTION-2676 (edit) open Fix the 1.1 second edition wording for values that are accessed where no attribute was provided, and have it be NaN or 0 with unknown unit depending on the type of domobject Erik Dahlström 2009-10-06 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2680 (edit) open Send out proposal for limited prefix processing in text/html Erik Dahlström 2009-10-07
ACTION-2686 (edit) open Extend the content model for filter primitive elements to allow animate and set, as reported here Erik Dahlström 2009-11-03 Module: Filters
ACTION-2712 (edit) open Review the SVG DOM and make notes on Erik Dahlström 2010-01-18 SVG 2
ACTION-2719 (edit) open Make examples of transparent SVG+HTML with and without opacity Erik Dahlström 2010-02-01 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2720 (edit) open Summarize agenda topics from these minutes and add to wiki Erik Dahlström 2010-02-04
ACTION-2739 (edit) open Respond with Working Groups thoughts on image position Erik Dahlström 2010-03-08
ACTION-2747 (edit) open Contact the participants of the SVG WG and communicate that we need to concrete progress on 1.1 2nd edition and 2.0. This reqiures active participation in the list and telecon Erik Dahlström 2010-04-05 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2764 (edit) open Allow feMorphology 'radius' with negative and zero values Erik Dahlström 2010-04-21 Module: Filters
ACTION-2770 (edit) open Mark reviewed tests as accepted Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2771 (edit) open Rewrite styling-pres-02-f.svg to not use getPresentationAttribute Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2775 (edit) open Investigate alternative ways of handling subregions for filters Erik Dahlström 2010-05-03 ISSUE-2321
ACTION-2778 (edit) open Backport fonts-elem-05-t.svg from 1.2T to 1.1F2 Erik Dahlström 2010-05-06 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2783 (edit) open Write up new list interface proposal and submit test cases for SVG 2.0 Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG 2
ACTION-2784 (edit) open Create Test Case for Animating SVGFragmentIdentifier Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2785 (edit) open Update filters spec to explicitly say that other specs may extend the set of filter input images (and that the meaning must be defined), Erik Dahlström 2010-05-24 Module: Filters
ACTION-2799 (edit) open Review the png tests and generate reference images Erik Dahlström 2010-06-24 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2803 (edit) open Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd Edition test harness Erik Dahlström 2010-06-29
ACTION-2805 (edit) open Respond and put Fantasi's comment into Tracker Erik Dahlström 2010-06-29
ACTION-2807 (edit) open Create some new tests that relate to the problems in ISSUE-2332 Erik Dahlström 2010-07-06 ISSUE-2332
ACTION-2832 (edit) open Investigate markers and where and when to apply style Erik Dahlström 2010-07-27
ACTION-2845 (edit) open See what implementations are doing with regards to CSS transitions and SMIL sandwich models Erik Dahlström 2010-09-13
ACTION-2846 (edit) open Prepare a draft about the relationships between CSS transitions and SVG Erik Dahlström 2010-09-13
ACTION-2875 (edit) open Ask if HTML has advanced dominant baseline positioning similar to SVG Erik Dahlström 2010-09-28
ACTION-2882 (edit) open Propose wording or a test case for what the colour space should be for feDisplacementMap Erik Dahlström 2010-10-19 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2892 (edit) open Add informative note about how to handle MS <filter> from before Erik Dahlström 2010-11-11
ACTION-2894 (edit) open Move to the main wikipage and break it into subpages Erik Dahlström 2010-11-11
ACTION-2940 (edit) open Look at opera failing fonts-desc-04 Erik Dahlström 2011-02-09
ACTION-2943 (edit) open Check opera for fonts-desc-05, but no promises! Erik Dahlström 2011-02-09
ACTION-2955 (edit) open Review tests for issue #2339 / filters feDistantLight Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2957 (edit) open Split up test and recategorize under fonts Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2959 (edit) open Break down test and determine correctness; change SVG Font to give proper alignment Erik Dahlström 2011-02-16
ACTION-2965 (edit) open Make a WOFF font for text-dom-04-f.html Erik Dahlström 2011-03-06
ACTION-2972 (edit) open Convert a couple of animation tests to use the spot testing method Erik Dahlström 2011-03-07
ACTION-2990 (edit) open Review to see if he agrees with it Erik Dahlström 2011-03-09
ACTION-2996 (edit) open Work on removing the margins and put some proposed text for how to deal with the proposed filter regions into the filters spec Erik Dahlström 2011-03-10
ACTION-3087 (edit) open Put on the FXTF agenda, discussion about HTML positioning in SVG and contact dbaron Erik Dahlström 2011-08-04
ACTION-3092 (edit) open Collect the events from SVG as a delta with respect to HTML Erik Dahlström 2011-08-04
ACTION-3095 (edit) open Go through the last few f2f minutes to find resolutions for SVG2 items, and add them to the wiki page. Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3097 (edit) open Propose wording for the edge case where a radialGradient's focal point sits on the edge of the circle and the gradient repeats. the spec. should say that when the focal point is on the circle edge, with repeat, then the distance between the first and last stop for the repeating colors is 0 and the paint should generate a color that is the average of all the gradient stops. Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3098 (edit) open Provide spec. wording for the fr attribute on <radialGradient> Erik Dahlström 2011-08-05
ACTION-3119 (edit) open Raise issues on things that are currently broken in the DOM design. Erik Dahlström 2011-09-29
ACTION-3141 (edit) open Tease out the different functionality from the "Declarative drawing" requirements entry Erik Dahlström 2011-10-20
ACTION-3152 (edit) open Write up a wiki page on SVG2 editing and procedure Erik Dahlström 2011-11-03
ACTION-3172 (edit) open Check the status of opera support for type 14 CMAP in opentype fonts Erik Dahlström 2011-11-11
ACTION-3181 (edit) open Reply on trailing semicolon thread Erik Dahlström 2011-12-15
ACTION-3190 (edit) open Summarize the discussions about hittesting with alpha from the FX list Erik Dahlström 2011-12-29
ACTION-3216 (edit) open Check in an example on how to use the testharness.js Erik Dahlström 2012-01-20
ACTION-3219 (edit) open Review the CSS3 UI, CSS3 Images and Shadow DOM specs Erik Dahlström 2012-01-20
ACTION-3228 (edit) open Make css3 background and border tests Erik Dahlström 2012-01-26
ACTION-3234 (edit) open Check if any changes in the path syntax BNF in 1.2 Tiny need to be ported in 1.1 Erik Dahlström 2012-02-09
ACTION-3248 (edit) open Will verify that xlink:href won't introduce security issues on foreignObject Erik Dahlström 2012-03-15
ACTION-3305 (edit) open Ask the CSS WG what's happening with the object model Erik Dahlström 2012-06-14
ACTION-3307 (edit) open Will stub out suspendRedraw, unsuspendRedraw, unsuspendRedrawAll - return value must be specified Erik Dahlström 2012-06-14
ACTION-3328 (edit) open Add the drag & drop functionality to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2012-08-01
ACTION-3363 (edit) open Send a mail to a suitable mailing list about defining the filter region for filter shorthands (so we can define masks to include the filtered result) Erik Dahlström 2012-09-25
ACTION-3400 (edit) open Backport content model wording from 1.2T to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2012-11-22
ACTION-3420 (edit) open Add non-scaling stroke to SVG2 Erik Dahlström 2013-02-11
ACTION-3435 (edit) open Propose drawImage with SVGSVGElement to the public canvas mailing list Erik Dahlström 2013-02-12
ACTION-3449 (edit) open Do the "Improve the fallback mechanism using switch" requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-14
ACTION-3451 (edit) open Do the "Support CSS3 image-fit" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-14
ACTION-3458 (edit) open Do the "Clarify that svgz should be as usable everywhere svg files can" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3462 (edit) open Do the "Adopt improved SVG Tiny 1.2 text on hit testing and event processing" SVG 2 requirement. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3463 (edit) open Do the 104, 105, 106, 107 SVG 2 requirements. Erik Dahlström 2013-02-15
ACTION-3471 (edit) open Follow up on getting the SVG2 WD published, run linkchecker etc Erik Dahlström 2013-03-14
ACTION-3472 (edit) open And krit to work together on an unbound filter proposal Erik Dahlström 2013-03-14
ACTION-3476 (edit) open Fix the definition XML file for filter effects in SVG 2. Point to a specific published version. Erik Dahlström 2013-03-28
ACTION-3486 (edit) open Talk to CSS WG about the use cases for pointer-events in SVG Erik Dahlström 2013-04-18
ACTION-3493 (edit) open Define how HTML in foreignObject works Erik Dahlström 2013-05-23
ACTION-3528 (edit) open Submit test cases for non-scaling-stroke/markers in patterns and mail the list Erik Dahlström 2013-09-26
ACTION-3549 (edit) open Do these event cleanups Erik Dahlström 2013-11-22
ACTION-3567 (edit) open Add ref to html5 for attr reflection Erik Dahlström 2014-02-06
ACTION-3575 (edit) open Create inline svg sizing tests Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3576 (edit) open Make width and height attributes presentation attributes on the svg element Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3580 (edit) open Remove <use> element instance tree. Erik Dahlström 2014-02-07
ACTION-3592 (edit) open Clarify that duplicate ids resolve to the first element with the id in document order Erik Dahlström 2014-02-20
ACTION-3594 (edit) open Update the spec to clarify behavior of references to elements when they are removed/added from the document Erik Dahlström 2014-02-27
ACTION-3604 (edit) open Prepare spec text for pointer-events on root svg elements for svg2 and svg integration spec and make edits Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14 svg, css, and events
ACTION-3606 (edit) open Figure out the overflow behavior in svg Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14
ACTION-3607 (edit) open Do spec edits for bounding boxes of text elements: give the union of full glyph cells and the painted area, and include text decorations in the bbox (change for getbbox too) Erik Dahlström 2014-04-14
ACTION-3624 (edit) open Modify the sentence in the spec. to allow the globall css keywords like inherit and initial Erik Dahlström 2014-05-15
ACTION-3625 (edit) open Event attributes on graphics and container elements added to svgelement just like htmlelement does Erik Dahlström 2014-05-15
ACTION-3635 (edit) open Add ::first-line and ::first-letter to svg 2 Erik Dahlström 2014-08-07
ACTION-3689 (edit) open Make some tests for gradients on zero-sized bbox Erik Dahlström 2014-11-27
ACTION-3691 (edit) open Call out transforms working the way we resolved as new feature Erik Dahlström 2015-01-15
ACTION-3692 (edit) open Get tests that would show what implementations are doing with transforms in fragments now Erik Dahlström 2015-01-15
ACTION-3701 (edit) open Add usage counters to blink to measure usage of animval / baseval Erik Dahlström 2015-02-18
ACTION-3702 (edit) open Write up a list of all new camelcase attributes with a proposal of how to handle them (e.g. rename, keep etc.) Erik Dahlström 2015-02-18
ACTION-3714 (edit) open Map xml:space to whitespace property values in css3 text Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3715 (edit) open Verify that the svgpathseg interface use counter values are correct and to drop the interfaces if they are Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3728 (edit) open Talk to rich about issues 24/25 (terminology around title/desc/aria stuff) Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3730 (edit) open Define viewport for external document when an element references an element in this document Erik Dahlström 2015-02-19
ACTION-3746 (edit) open Add use counter for multiple x/y values on text element Erik Dahlström 2015-02-20
ACTION-3769 (edit) open Add purpose for markup within title/desc Erik Dahlström 2015-03-12
ACTION-3770 (edit) open Add an issue to describe the behaviour of markup within title/desc (regarding line breaking, at least) Erik Dahlström 2015-03-12
ACTION-3775 (edit) open Compare focus text in svg spec vs html spec to determine the differences Erik Dahlström 2015-04-02

Open Issues

There are 55 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2002 (edit) RAISED Controlling the implicit viewBox of raster images used in the <image> element 2008-05-15 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2033 (edit)
RAISED Require DOM hasFeature with svg featurestrings (like in SVG 1.1) 2008-08-21 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2037 (edit)
OPEN Define how focusHighlight is applied when put on a container element 2008-08-23 SVG Tiny 1.2 1
ISSUE-2041 (edit)
RAISED Revisit and define how whitespaces are consumed in textArea 2008-08-24 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2047 (edit)
RAISED Using author-defined named colors where <color> can be specified 2008-09-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2193 (edit)
RAISED Clarify "edgeMode" for filter primitives 2008-12-15 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2224 (edit)
RAISED CSS3 Color syntax in svg 2009-02-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2258 (edit)
sizing SVG in html:img
RAISED Address sizing SVG in referenced images 2009-04-11 Module: Integration 0
ISSUE-2270 (edit)
RAISED Define rendering of patterns with overflow=visible 2009-05-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2275 (edit)
RAISED Define processing for @type in script elements 2009-06-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2276 (edit)
RAISED Consider defining how to set character encoding for external scripts 2009-06-08 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2280 (edit)
RAISED Unclear which element collapsed whitespace belongs to 2009-06-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2284 (edit)
RAISED Clarify how the primitive subregion affects the filter input and outputs for all filter primitives 2009-06-24 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2285 (edit)
RAISED Resolving @primitiveUnits and z attribute discrepancies 2009-06-29 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2286 (edit)
RAISED Resolving relative values in @kernelUnitLength (number-optional-number) 2009-06-29 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2289 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding a way of specifying flip-invariant text 2009-07-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2290 (edit) RAISED Look at making path arcto command work with drawing 360 degree arcs 2009-07-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2291 (edit) RAISED Whether a given integer coordinate is pixel centre or pixel top-left needs to be determined 2009-08-12 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2294 (edit) RAISED Adding an animated length attribute into a baseval length list 2009-09-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2299 (edit)
RAISED Text on a path layout rules unclear wrt startpoint-on-the-path and text-anchor 2009-10-20 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2301 (edit) RAISED Text on a path layout rules unclear wrt startpoint-on-the-path and text-anchor (svg2) 2009-11-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2305 (edit) RAISED Zero-length dashes with dasharray 2010-02-15 SVG 2 1
ISSUE-2310 (edit) RAISED Clarify how percentages are resolved in external patterns 2010-03-01 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2318 (edit)
RAISED How should text-decorations be rendered wrt boundingbox units (gradients, filters)? 2010-04-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2321 (edit) RAISED Consider removing/replacing filter margin attributes 2010-04-21 Module: Filters 1
ISSUE-2322 (edit)
RAISED Should SVG 2.0 deprecate baseline-shift and use vertical-align instead 2010-04-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2323 (edit)
RAISED Consider aligning SVG*List interfaces with other arraylike types 2010-05-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2330 (edit)
RAISED Clarify how the 'clip' property affects svg content 2010-06-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2331 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: <solidColor> references 2010-06-23 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2332 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: regarding Text layout 2010-06-23 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 1
ISSUE-2333 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: more BackgroundImage/enable-background issues 2010-06-23 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2334 (edit) RAISED Last Call Comment: filter primitive subregion and feGaussianBlur, feTile and infinite filter input images 2010-06-23 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2335 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: Clarify feConvolveMatrix bias property 2010-06-23 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2336 (edit)
RAISED Last Call Comment: SVG fragment identifiers - ok to have the same SVGViewAttribute twice? 2010-06-28 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2338 (edit) RAISED Last Call Comment: type of feFunc* 2010-06-28 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2339 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: definition of azimuth, elevation for feDistantLight 2010-06-28 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2340 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: view and animation values lists - where can I find the promised note? 2010-06-28 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2341 (edit) RAISED Last Call Comment: Clarify data types such as "<coordinate>+" 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 1
ISSUE-2342 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: Typo in 15.10 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2343 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: 15.12 Filter primitive ‘feComposite’ formula 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2344 (edit) RAISED Last Call Comment: Update references section 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2345 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: 15.17 feGaussianBlur 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2346 (edit) RAISED Last Call Comment: previous discussion about filterRes 2010-06-29 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2348 (edit) OPEN Last Call Comment: direction property and the effect on text elements 2010-07-06 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2352 (edit) RAISED DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut deprecated in DOM 3 Events 2010-07-15 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2377 (edit) RAISED Fonts in external use subtrees 2010-09-17 SVG Tiny 1.2 0
ISSUE-2388 (edit)
RAISED Consider making svgz files just as valid and useful as svg files 2010-11-11 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2398 (edit) RAISED Investigate requirements for CSS pseudoclasses (e.g :target) 2011-01-18 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2413 (edit)
RAISED Missing event attributes in svg 2011-07-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2423 (edit) RAISED CSSOM with properties defined in SVG 2011-07-29 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2441 (edit) RAISED Intrinsic sizing and percentage values for inline svg in html 2012-03-14 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2447 (edit)
RAISED Define if attribute values (in particular numerical attributes) are allowed to have leading and/or trailing whitespace (e.g x=" 10" interpreted as 10 and not as an error) 2013-03-28 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2448 (edit) RAISED Define how vector-effect=non-scaling-stroke works in patterns and markers 2013-08-23 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2454 (edit) RAISED What should the bbox of a path without a d attribute be? should such bboxes contribute to a parent container element's bbox? 2014-02-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2455 (edit) RAISED Should 'id' attribute refer to DOM4? 2014-02-11 SVG 2 0

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