ISSUE-2331: Last Call Comment: <solidColor> references

Last Call Comment: <solidColor> references

SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call
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Erik Dahlström
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Dear, SVG working group,

I noted that there are still "solidColor" references in the SVG 1.1
Second Edition Last Call.

With SVG, you can fill (i.e., paint the interior) or stroke (i.e.,
paint the outline) of shapes and text using one of the following:

color (using <color> or the ‘solidColor’ element)
gradients (linear or radial)
patterns (vector or image, possibly tiled)

SVG uses the general notion of a paint server. Gradients and patterns
are just specific types of built-in paint servers. The ‘solidColor’
element is another built-in paint server, described in Color.

c.f. Incorrect reference to solidColor element


KUROSAWA, Takeshi <>

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ACTION: Accept

Chris Lilley, 2 Aug 2010, 16:15:51

CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

Chris Lilley, 2 Aug 2010, 16:16:05

RESOLUTION: remaining solidColor references removed

Chris Lilley, 2 Aug 2010, 16:16:31


Anthony Grasso, 7 Oct 2010, 21:13:09

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