ISSUE-2193: Clarify "edgeMode" for filter primitives


Clarify "edgeMode" for filter primitives

Module: Filters
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Erik Dahlström
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"If the input has infinite extent and is constant, this operation has no effect. If the input has infinite extent and is a tile, the filter is evaluated with periodic boundary conditions."

Similar wording occurs for a number of filter primitives. When it's not a tile, what should happen? Essentially what edgeMode should be applied? By reading the spec it's not fully clear, but one interpretation is that there would be undefined pixels and those are said to be fully transparent black (or in other words the same as edgeMode="none"), so it might be worth saying that is the default. This can have an effect for e.g feMorphology.
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  1. ISSUE-2193 (filter_edgemode): Clarify 'edgeMode' for filter primitives [SVG Filters 1.2] (from on 2008-12-15)

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