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W3C Workshop on Privacy and User–Centric Controls

20–21 November 2014, Berlin, Germany


W3C gratefully acknowledges Deutsche Telekom, for hosting this workshop.

Deutsche Telekom

Thanks also to the Mozilla Foundation for their Support


Registration is open until 18 November: Please register using the registration form

Position Papers

Gökhan Bal
Kai Rannenberg

User Control Mechanisms for Privacy Protection Should Go Hand in Hand with Privacy-Consequence Information: The Case of Smartphone Apps

Ero Balsa
Filipe Beato
Seda Gürses

Why Can’t Online Social Networks Encrypt?

Reuben Binns

Standardised Privacy Policies: A Post-mortem and Promising Developments

Volker Birk

p≡p position paper

Frederick Zuiderveen Borgesius

Defending Privacy: Empowerment and Protection

Andrew Fregly

Web User Empowerment Concept

Frederick Hirsch

Nokia: Privacy Engineering & Assurance, The Emerging Engineering Discipline for implementing Privacy by Design

Alina Hua
Dave Huseby
Martin Kurze
Frank Wagner

future of mobile privacy improved control over privacy protection

Sören Preibusch

Eye-tracking. Privacy interfaces for the next ubiquitous modality

Suranga Seneviratne
Aruna Seneviratne
Johan Kestenare

PrivMetrics: A Framework for Quantifying User Privacy in Smartphones

Michele Vescovi
Corrado Moiso
Fabrizio Antonelli
Mattia Pasolli
Christos Perentis

Building an Eco-System of Trusted Services through user Transparency, Control and Awareness on Personal Data Privacy

Carlo von Namenswechsel

A Web in Respect of the Constitution is Possible

Rigo Wenning

Trust & Usability on the Web, a Social/Legal perspective

Expressions of Interest

Robert Brauer

Dominic Battré

Expression of Interest: Google

Wulf Bolte

Expression of Interest: mediaTest digital GmbH

Haakon Flage Bratsberg

Expression of Interest: Opera Software ASA

Karima Boudaoud

Expression of Interest: Laboratoire I3S – CNRS/UNS (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Christian Fuhrhop

Expression of Interest: Fraunhofer FOKUS

Rob van Eijk

Expression of Interest: Privacy Measurement

Jörg Heuer

Expression of Interest: Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Labs (Research & Innovation) (payment)

Frederick Hirsch

Expression of Interest: Nokia & DAP Chair

Meiko Jensen (ULD)

I would really like to attend the upcoming W3C Workshop on Privacy and User–Centric Controls as regular participant. My interests obviously are in the realm of privacy and data protection, both on technical and jurisdictional layer.

Kristina Nesset Kjerstad

Expression of Interest: Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Department of Government Services, Norway

Andreas Kühne

Expression of Interest: Trustable Ltd. & OASIS DSS-X TC

Istvan Lajtos

Expression of Interest: GSMA

Johannes Landstorfer

Expression of Interest: IXDS

Ninja Marnau

Expression of Interest: CISPA, Saarland University

Charles McCathie Nevile

Expression of Interest: Yandex

Christos Perentis

Expression of Interest: Univeristy of Trento, SKIL-Telecom Italia, FBK

Dave Raggett

Expression of Interest: W3C - Team

Volker Roth

Expression of Interest: AG Sichere Identität; FB Mathematik und Informatik; Freie Universität Berlin

Christine Runnegar

Expression of Interest: Privacy Interest Group (PING)

Jan Schallböck

Expression of Interest: iRights

Matthias Schunter

Expression of Interest: Intel

David Singer

Expression of Interest: Apple Inc.

Markus Tschersich

Expression of Interest: M-Chair, University of Frankfurt

Ming Yin

Expression of Interest: Deutsche Telekom Labs

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