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OWLED 2014 & Reinvigorating the Community Group

Hi folks,

As some of you may know, I’ve been selected to be General Chair of OWLED 2014.


It’s my very great pleasure to announce that Valentina Tam and Maria Keet have agreed to be co-PC chairs. We’ll be sorting out the PC and CFPs shortly.

In all probability, we will be colocated with ISWC 2014 (there are few more details to be ironed out).

A lot of OWLED this year will be familiar (submit papers/come have fun!), but I also hope to get us back to our roots as an activist community which is effective in improving the state of OWL for all of us.

To that end, I’ve started organizing this community group a bit more (for example, I just rationalized the number of chairs to just me (qua general chair) and Pavel (qua rep of the steering committee); this will evolve) and plan to transition a lot of the normal OWLED infrastructure here. I also hope to get some traction on “reports” (e.g., specs for new features).

Also, we’ve an intention to fold the OWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop into OWLED. ORE was a great success last year, but we really want to connect reasoner evaluation to people’s lived experience of them. To that end, I think we as a community can make this into a useful way to improve the state of the art as well as reward hardworking reasoner developers.


diff’ing OWL files with version control systems

Chris Mungall initiated a controversial blog post [1] regarding the challenge of diff’ing OWL files stored in version control systems. Is it possible to specify an ordering of OWL axioms so that these play more nicely in standard VCS?



SPARQL Reasoning Using An Aligned Ontology In Jena

If I have an aligned ontology in my hand that corresponds to a RDF graph in Jena, how can I issue SPARQL query to the RDF store through Jena such that inferences will be made with respect to the supplied ontology?(i.e my ontology file and RDF files are seperate, but I would like to use the knowledge in ontology for any SPARQL queries issued through Jena)

Extending Manchester Syntax

Hi all,

The expressiveness of OWL Manchester Syntax (omn) is limited compared to other OWL2 syntaxes.  For example, it is not possible to express GCIs in omn.  I would like to extend omn so that is has the expressiveness of all the other official OWL2 syntaxes.

This post is intended to start the ball rolling on discussion of and agreement on such an extension.  Please let this list know if you are interested to join this discussion. Some draft suggestions for how to extend omn to include GCIs will follow shortly.



Welcome to the OWLED Community Group

At OWLED 2012, I proposed that we form a Community Group to support the activist part of the OWLED mission, and the participants quickly decided that that’s what we wanted to do.

And here we are!

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope a significant number of people join up. At that point we can start organizing matters (e.g., chairs, etc.). But don’t wait to be organized to start doing stuff! Let’s get a list of possible projects going!