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The Social Business Community Group is Closed  having successfully accomplished it’s goal of finding actionable standards work for the W3C.   Final Report at Social Web work at W3C at  


2014年12月4日,W3C的HTML工作组与Web无障碍计划(WAI)的协议与格式工作组(Protocols and Formats Working Group)联合发布了HTML5图片描述扩展(HTML5 Image Description Extension, longdesc)的提案推荐标准(Proposed Recommendation)。该规范定义了”longdesc”属性,允许Web的开发者为复杂图片提供更长的文本描述,这是W3C确保开放web平台更好服务残障人士的一项工作。该标准草案由HTML无障碍任务组(HTML Accessibility Task Force)与HTML工作组及WAI协议与格式工作组(PFWG)联合制定。W3C在2014年8月发布了该规范的候选推荐标准(Candidate Recommendation)版本。欢迎您于2015年1月16日前提交您的意见和建议。 提案推荐标准是W3C标准流程的一环,表示标准文本及技术可行性已经得到验证,最后接受公众反馈。提案推荐标准经过W3C会员投票及批准,即可成为正式W3C推荐标准发布。 查看W3C的HTML无障碍任务组(HTML Accessibility Task Force),以了解更多信息。 ——————————————————————————————————————- The HTML Working Group, with the approval of the Protocols and Formats Working Group, has published a Proposed Recommendation of … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2014-12-09

Agenda Topics Introduction to elf Pavlik Signatures Update Context Work Stream Update Roadmap Work Stream update Hosted vs. Signed Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Manu Sporny and Dave Longley Present Manu Sporny, elf Pavlik, Eric Korb, Brian Sletten, Dave Longley, … Continue reading

Call for Final Specification Commitments for Vehicle Data Interfaces

On 2014-12-04 The Automotive and Web Platform Business Group published the following specification: Vehicle Data Interfaces. This is a call for Final Specification Commitments. To provide greater patent protection for this specification, participants in the Automotive and Web Platform Business … Continue reading