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Web Payments Meeting Minutes for 2014-04-23

Agenda Topics Meetings in Silicon Valley Last Week Internet Identity Workshop Digest Class to Use ni:// URI Scheme Range of Nonce Chair Manu Sporny Scribe Dave Longley Present Dave Longley, Manu Sporny, Brent Shambaugh, David I. Lehn Audio Log … Continue reading

ORTC CG Meeting 2 – Recording

ORTC CG Meeting: April 17, 2014 HTML embed is not supported here, so here is the recording on Slides: ORTC-CG-2014-04-17-slides   IRC Transcript: irc-ortc-april-17-2014-irc Note: Erik’s audio didn’t make it onto the recording but his comments are captured in the IRC … Continue reading

Web Payments Meeting Minutes for 2014-04-16

Agenda Topics Organizing In-the-Field Use Cases Organizing Web Payments Workshop Use Cases Use Cases Organizers/Volunteers Use Cases Output Document Action Items Manu to create a page for broad categories for use cases and transfer mailing list use cases to … Continue reading