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Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2014-11-25

Agenda Topics Digital Signatures – Pushback from Social Web / Harry Halpin Introduction to Dale McCrory Digital Signature Strategy Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Nate Otto and Manu Sporny and Nate Otto Present Nate Otto, Manu Sporny, Brian Sletten, Dave … Continue reading

Best Code Comparison RDF and OData on Semantic Database

Hi, see This article on is a great introduction to RDF coding and OData.  Enjoy if you need to go from a relational database to a semantic one and do not want to generate a lot of code. … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2014-11-18

Agenda Topics Groningen Declaration Digital Signatures for Credentials Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Manu Sporny and Dave Longley Present Manu Sporny, Victoriano Giralt, Eric Korb, Brian Sletten, Mary Bold, Dave Longley, David I. Lehn, Sunny Lee, Rob Trainer Audio Log … Continue reading