W3C Business Group Fees

While there are no fees to participate in a Community Group, non-Members pay an annual fee to participate in a Business Group according to this schedule:

Type Annual fee (USD) Annual fee (JPY) Annual fee (EUR) Annual fee (CNY)
Large non-Member Organization 10,000 775,000 7500 62,500
Small non-Member Organization 2000 155,000 1500 12,500
Unaffiliated individual 300 23,000 225 2000
W3C Member 0 0 0 0

A “Large” organization is one whose annual gross revenue, as measured by the most recent audited statement, is greater than or equal to 50M USD. A “Small” organization is one with revenues less than that threshold, with more than one employee.

For non-Member Organizations that join a Business Group, any number of their employees may participate in that group.

If an Organization is itself a consortium, user society, or otherwise has members or sponsors, the Organization may assign any number of paid staff to a Business Group and one other individual not employed by the Organization (or more at the discretion of the Community Development Lead).

An unaffiliated individual is one that has no significant employment relationship with an Organization. An unaffiliated individual is not considered an “Organization” under this policy.

W3C Members must not assign non-employee representatives to a Business Group.

After joining a group, non-Member participants sign the Business Group Participation Agreement, which addresses payments, renewal, termination, and other administrative matters.