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OWLED 2014: Call for Papers and New Submission Date

The Call For Papers for OWLED 2014 (colocated with ISWC 2014 in Trentino Italy on Oct 17 and 18) has been out without a blog post here so I take the fact that we’ve updated the submission date to July 30 (to avoid having the due date occur in the middle of the Vienna Summer of Logic) to rectify this fact.

We’re going to take the first steps toward merging the OWL Reasoner Evaluation (ORE)  workshop and contest with OWLED. ORE was great fun last year (with extensive betting on the live contest!) and flushed out lots of interesting reasoner that I, personally, had never heard of before. Part of the contest set is derived from a large crawl of ontologies on the Web, but other “challenge problems” were submitted by working ontologists. This makes ORE a perfect fit for OWLED and I hope that folks making and using ontologies step up to the challenge of making reasoner developers cry.

The other big goal is getting standardisation efforts rolling again. OWL 2 was a great step, but there are still lots of little niggles we could tackle even before thinking of major extensions. SPARQL 1.1’s entailment regimes have made querying against OWL ontologies with OWL semantics a reality, but the syntax isn’t always ideal and we don’t have a set of best practices around it. The Community group provides a mechanism for publishing reports, so we should use that! If you have a spec  or extension idea, please submit a paper about it or contact me directly (even a comment on this post would be good!)

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