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Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings

Meeting Schedule & Logistics

The meeting schedule for the group is as follows:

  • Distributed Meetings (aka teleconferences, telcons): topic-specific calls may be held as needed, no regular distributed meetings
  • Face-to-face: we will meet during the W3C's annual Technical Plenary week; other additional F2F meetings may be scheduled (up to 2 per year)

The group uses WebEx and W3C IRC for both distributed and F2F meetings:

To allow remote asynchronous participation, any resolutions taken in meetings are considered provisional until 10 working days after the publication of the resolution in draft minutes.


The group schedules topic-specific distributed meetings (aka telcons, calls) as needed. The draft agenda is posted to the group's mailing list at least 24 hours before the meeting starts, and the minutes of the meeting are shared on the mailing list after the meeting.

Each time you join a distributed meeting, please:

  • Join the IRC channel irc:// (Web IRC client)
  • After joining the IRC channel, type:
    • Present+ Firstname_Lastname
  • Call in to the meeting, +1-617-324-0000; for the meeting number and password refer to the meeting announcement/agenda
  • It is good practice to mute yourself when you do not speak to improve the audio quality of the call. Each participant should use a local mute button on their device to control their own audio.
  • If you want to make a comment or raise a question, join the speaker queue with:
    • q+ or
    • q+ to ask about Life, the Universe and Everything

(Please refer to the Best Practices for WebEx Usage in W3C for more information. See also W3C scribe conventions for scribes.)

Group Participants' Timezones

Please add your name and your normal timezone (winter/summer) to help meeting scheduling.

  • Anssi Kostiainen (+0200/+0300)
  • Dominik Röttsches (+0200/+0300)
  • Francois Daoust (+0100/+0200)
  • Brad Lassey (-0500/-0400)
  • Louay Bassbouss (+0100/+0200)
  • Bob Lund (-0700/-0600)
  • Mark Scott (-0800/-0700)
  • Mark Foltz (-0800/-0700)
  • Hongki Cha (+0900/+0900)
  • Matt Hammond (0000/+0100)
  • Chris Needham (0000/+0100)
  • Kasar Masood (+0100/+0200)
  • Tomoyuki Shimizu (+0900/+0900)