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Second Screen Presentation WG F2F 19-20 May 2015 in Berlin

This is the meeting page for the W3C Second Screen Presentation WG F2F meeting in Berlin, Germany on 19-20 May 2015, kindly hosted by Fraunhofer FOKUS.

Before the Meeting

Meeting Venue

Meeting Logistics

Remote attendance

Participants willing to join the discussions remotely may do so through WebEx, using the following information.

For Tuesday:

For Wednesday:


Agenda topic numbers (#NN) match the corresponding GitHub issues. Please visit GitHub for more details.

Times are in Berlin local time (Central European Summer Time, UTC+02:00).

Day 1 - Tue 19 May 2015

10 AM

Kick off

  • Introduction
  • Agenda review
  • Walkthrough of the deliverables
11 AM Warm up
  • #68 Review the use cases and requirements
  • #45 Security and privacy evaluation and considerations
12 AM Lunch
Priority issues
  • #46 Define a bi-directional data channel between opening and presenting browsing contexts
  • #63 Define (cross) origin relationship between opener and presenting page
  • #80 Define security requirements for messaging channel between secure origins
3.30 PM Coffee break

Priority issues

  • #35 Refine how to do session teardown/disconnect/closing
  • #34 Specify the presentation initialization algorithm
  • #19 Specify behavior when multiple controlling pages are connected to the session
  • #14 Define user agent context for rendering the presentation
6 PM Close Day 1
7 PM Reservation at Restaurant Schnitzelei ( for anyone interested in a joint dinner. (Distance about 800 Meters from meeting site, about 10 Minute walk.)

Day 2 - Wed 20 May 2015

9 AM Start Day 2
Priority issues

Priority issues left over from Day 1:

  • #81 Rethinking availability monitoring
  • #9 How to filter available screens according to the content being presented

Multiple presentation sessions focus:

  • #40 Screen availability mechanism for multiple sessions
  • #79 Presentations from within nested browsing contexts
  • #39 Resumption of multiple sessions
New feature discussion
  • #26 Allow page to designate a default presentation URL enhancement
  • #76 URL schemes supported in presentation API
12.30 PM Lunch (at Ground Floor)
1.30 PM
2:30 PM Coffee break
3 PM
4 PM Coffee break
New feature discussion
4.30 PM
  • #32 Allow page to turn itself into a presentation session enhancement
  • #13 Presenting the content of an <audio> or <video> element
  • #61 Add facility for the opening page to add cloud paired screens as presentation targets enhancement
  • Wrap up
6 PM Social dinner organized by the host


The draft minutes: