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The story of RdfCalendar so far...

RDF Calendar Task Force Report

Libby Miller and Dan Connolly

Semantic Web Interest Group Meeting March 2004

speaker's note: 30 min, incl q/a

Presentation Overview

  • Why RDF Calendar?
  • Cool stuff you can do
  • History
  • Test-driven development
  • Principles, Patterns
  • Future directions

Why RDF Calendar?

  • Calendars tools are great... (evolution, Apple iCal, korganizer, ...)
  • a calendar, i.e. event data, is hard to separate from data about...
    • people
    • documents
    • places
    • ... resources of all sorts
  • Gee... I know a description framework that just might work...

Cool Stuff: ToDo list from bug reports

  • www-archive message headers are available in RDF
    • [closed] marks closed threads
  • some rules convert them to RDF/iCalendary
  • toIcal.py converts to .ics format
  • developers subscribe to TODO list


details: bug status in .ics of 29Jan.

Cool Stuff: iCalendar from travel itinerary

  • travel admin mails text itinerary
    • dumped from database, probably
  • nasty perl script makes RDF
  • N3 rules convert to iCalendar vocabulary
  • et voila...


  • data re-use: maps:


see also: TravelTools

Cool Stuff: Event Sherpa


success story?

...Answer: Semaview is committed to the 'Intelligent Internet' or 'Semantic Web'. Whatever standard(s) emerge(s) as the defacto means of describing data in a machine understandable format, Semaview will adopt. Currently, RDF is best positioned to become the standard but Semaview recognizes that may change.

( product tour )

Cool Stuff: KANZAKI

by MasahideKanzaki.

History: Before the Workshop

The Bristol Workshop: Inputs

The Bristol Workshop: Outputs

see also: workshop report

Mailing list, IRC ScheduledChats

Creating a public papertrail and a mechanism for

  • Resolving ambiguities, clarifying and understanding the iCalendar specification
  • Identifying best practice in the RDF part of the translation
  • Deciding whether to divert from the letter of the iCalendar specifcation in order to do something useful in RDF
  • Using consistent patterns throughout the conversion
  • Documenting the decisions made and the reasons we made them (RdfCalendarDocumentation)
  • Publicly announcing decisions and changes to the schema on the RDF calendar mailing list

data-driven schema

  • the iCalendar spec is too big
  • start with data we believe/trust
SUMMARY:Scooby Conference
LOCATION:San Francisco
DESCRIPTION:can't wait!\n

  • generate RDF by machine (ical2rdf.pl)

                 a :Vevent;
                 :categories "Miscellaneous";
                 :class "PUBLIC";
                 :description "can't wait!\n";
                 :dtend  [
                     :date "2002-07-06" ];
                 :dtstamp  [
                     :dateTime "2002-06-30T23:04:45Z" ];
                 :dtstart  [
                     :date "2002-07-03" ];
                 :location "San Francisco";
                 :sequence "2";
                 :summary "Scooby Conference";
                 :transp "OPAQUE";
                 :uid "20020630T230445Z-3895-69-1-7@jammer" ]

  • inspect the RDF to check that we still believe it
  • generate a schema from the results using swap/util/sniffschema

some technical detail in RdfCalendarSchema

Design Patterns

Ugly Details


Properties with enumerated values

Dates (background: workshop ref - dashes)

  • iCalendar uses no dashes (20040301)
  • XML Schema uses dashes (2004-03-01)
  • we use dashes in RDF Calendar

Current Work

Further work

Things for others to try...

  • Best practices for mixing with other vocabularies
  • use iTip for creating cardinality restrictions?
  • converting RRSAgent action items to RDFIcal for loading into personal calendars
  • how to describe an event that starts "next summmer"...

Postscript: Reading/Refs

Leigh Dodds - Get Your FOAF On: Events


Leigh Dodd's conference wiki

Libby/DanC's (failed) submission to WWW2004

RFC 2445 (iCalendar) html version text version

Masahide Kanzaki's introduction to iCalendar in RDF (mostly Japanese but also English text)