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Palm Datebook

This is a schema for the the PalmOS(tm) datebook. The semantics are grounded in running code: see: palmagent. @@hmm... use some rddl:term to relate the schema to that code?

This is based on the P5-Palm documentation.

Actually, I don't have an up to date HTML rendition any more; see RDF/n3 and RDF/xml versions.

@@see also: RDF/n3 version.

noodling on HTML/RDF conversion... I don't like the way I did grounding link relationships in the web; I think I've got a new design, better integrated with XML namespaces. Oh! gotta propose, right quick, that rel/rev take lists of qnames, to the HTML WG. I've picked a name for a new, unwritten design document.

@@Stuff below here is obsolete

Herewith the schema, HyperRDF style...

Event Properties

Time stuff

compare with: @@ontolingua date stuff, POSIX date stuff, python time module. Java? Modula-3? ANSI C?

Social Protocol

protocol: proposals, invitations, CFP, RSVP, regrets, apologies, calling a meeting; agenda items, action items... meeting stuff.

Presentation Stuff


Note: I tend to use rdfs:label to give names to things. Hm... perhaps label should be used to relate Months to MonthNames. Or perhaps a subproperty... one that is Unambiguous... or just say that rdfs:label is unambiguousOver MonthName; note that there may be other labels for months (e.g. spelled out ones: January, February, ... ; or in other languages: Enero, Febrero, ...) but over this enumeration of monthnames, rdfs:label is unambiguous.

These perhaps belong elsewhere...



IRDA sync notes

Tonight's goal (17Mar2001): sync my pilot under debian linux via IRDA.

Internet IRDA junction: jammer
my new (Feb 2001) laptop (sony vaio PCG-Z505JE) with IRDA port and Internet connection via 802.11 card (and/or built-in ethernet, and/or occasional PPP connection). IR syncing worked on jammer under Win98; but that doesn't make my data available to the semantic web, and the Win98 conduit APIs are not open source, so I can't fill in the gap. I've been using coldsync under debian linux for a while; they claim it works with IRDA.

Checking jammer for relevant packages, I find:

ii  irda-common    0.9.5-2        IrDA management utilities
ii  irda-tools     0.9.5-2        IrDA handling tools
Mobile IRDA terminal: PalmIIIx
garden-variety PDA

So... let's get googling...

address book stuff, incl open source palm pilot stuff

Standards: ICal

Dan Connolly
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