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WWW Research Notebook

These are my notes on my personal goals for the web.

Think globally; act locally.

see also: SWAP -- Semantic Web Area for Play, PerfectOffice personal notes

Fractal Consistency

Something tells me there's a model for these things...

monthly banks statements; 90 day window for chargebacks on credit cards

4 week appeal periods

weekly telcon agenda

check the calendar two weeks ahead every week.

Something about propagation delays, redundancy.

see also:

July 2002: Approaching a flux point for RDF personal information management?

Wow... it's been over 2 years since I got the XSLT bug (soccer schedule hack, RDF parser)

I can now run fairly interesting rules over the following:

Well, I can run rules in batch mode. But I don't really have agents working; i.e. long-running programs that keep data available and/or up to date. I have HTTP server interfaces for IMAP and palmpilot data, but I can't leave them running when I'm not looking because they don't control access (and they're probably not robust enough).

Sep 2002: Stuff

Some goals/projects/hopes that maybe you can help with (aka "the someday pile"):

Jun2001: So I'm getting there...

I have these working:

But... ugh! There's so much more...

Last night, I made a new contact at a bookstore. He sent me email today; the mail user agent should know to link from his message to the event where we met last night... assuming I gave it a copy of the business card he gave me, vouching for its integrity. There should also be a link, via the phone number of the bookstore, to my quicken/personal finance records where I record the purchase of the book. And from there, via the ISBNs, to MyLowestBookshelf@@link.

I have a cuecat for grabbing the ISBNs off the books easily, but my scanner set-up is klunky. I use xsane, and I have used sane-cgi, but where do I store the copies, balancing confidentiality, redundancy/availability, and convenience? What URI/name do I give them? How do I associate the RDF transcriptions of them?

Hmm... maybe one of these quick-something pens? or a USB scanner? or one of those wand scanners? gocr is starting to work (@@experience report... &sysreq?).

Just finding a convenient way to write down these thoughts is awkward. The IRC/chump web-log thingy sure is nice. For PerfectOffice product reviews and such, I tend to bookmark things; but bookmarking doesn't work; I use several different browsers on at least two different machines. Perhaps a javascript bookmarklet based shared bookmark thingy would work? Surely those are out there... in the zope@@ or manilla@@ parts of the world.

In this installment, I'm using Amaya. Oops... encoding bug. ah... setting the charset to US-ASCII fixes it. (bug isn't necessarily in Amaya; could be anywhere in our cvs/jigedit/apache/ssh editing set-up.) Hmm... I should publish the little nonascii.pl@@ script I use to fix these things.

Jul 2000
Semantic Web hacking , mostly in the RDF interest group. Persuing knowledge exchange
@@KB of terms view source; about; Notation 3... older list of good Stuff; automated search services and edited collection circa Feb '99


@@intro blurb: take the MS Office concept global.

@@"I want my data back." i.e. I don't want access to my data to require a license. @@how many applications have to mature on linux before I can wipe WinNT off my desktop? Quicken, mIRC, AOLPress, NetMeeting

Lifestreams Project Home Page

Seeing the Forest of Knowledge for the Trees of Data

@@engelbart, Nelson

Personal Finances, Small Business Accounting

palm expenses

Time Management, Planning, and Records

I went to a Time Powerseminar in Feb 1991, and I've followed the "take 20 minutes a day to plan" advice pretty regularly ever since. I used the Day-Timer paper planners for several years.

Then I discovered the psion. Wow! The world time app lets you see what time it is anywhere in the world, and it uses an actual map for context. The agenda is pretty cool (@@what are my gripes with it?). But the psion (at least the series 3) doesn't sync.

(Psion newsgroups control messages)

I tried going back to a pencil, and I tried a few of the desktop PIM apps (lotus organizer, Daytimer '99, MS outlook@@) and the yahoo calendar and eventually, I discovered that just using an HTML document to simulate the day-timer worked really well!

I use a Palm IIIx these days. The desktop software is too closed-world (no links to the rest of the web). I discovered Lotus Organizer supports pilot synchronization *and* web links *and* it has an API that I can get at from python. So I tried that for a while. But it's pretty klunky.

So I'm designing a way to sync my HTML day-timer with the pilot. see Sep 2000 notes

pilot-link 0.9.3 by Kenneth Albanowski (pilot-unix, archive)


Diddle (and source) 14 Jul 1999 Mitch Blevins
"Diddle is a painting and drawing application. It features [...] support for the LinkMaster protocol [...]" -- ZD
Thoughtstream (with source) 14 Jul 1999
(currently in an Alpha state... get the older, stable version)
older version
LinkMaster and modified versions of built-in apps (with source)

pyrite 0.7.1 May 28, 1999 by Robt

Browser history

browser-history from koala. @@where are my patches to xhml-ize it?

hmm... RDF? maybe an RSS dialect?

integrate with wwwoffle, for history search?

@@vCalendar gripes: lost context; no "Oh Yeah?"

@@28Aug99: tv listings: my yahoo tv listing bookmark just broke. I saw a java applet that grabs data from clicktv. overengineered bloatware. The right answer: get the raw data in XML right from the TV station's web sites and do the aggregation at the client with javascript or something. I could live with one middle man, as long as I could tell it exactly where to get the data from. Hmm... relates to overlaid calendars at egroups. I should be able to overlay my family calendar with my local TV listings. Simple RDF graph merge, no? Local newspapers have an opportunity here; they're the traditional aggregator of this content. But with satellite TV and such, there's a challenge. Why aren't TV listings at Austin360 bookmarkable? that's what sent me to Yahoo in the first place. :-{ Hmm... maybe they fixed that. And why one big GIF? I want to copy/paste the data, search it, etc. :-{. Maybe when SVG comes along, we'll get more structured data.

Is Anything Better Than Paper -- wiki

World Time Zones

@@gripe about time zones and PDA scheduling apps

@@slta, music interchange: mup from Arkkra Enterprises (review).

@@palm pilot datebook gripes

@@time power seminar

@@current state = sum of messages received

@@yahoo calendar gripes: why did they stop supporting HTML markup in descriptions?

@@HTML schedule idiom: index by date into recorded commitments/expectations (DL or TABLE)

@@phone: urls; Jamie Zawinski's caller-id stuff; incoming phone calls should generate an event on my desktop.


Power 28.8 Modem Documentation


PC Caller ID Plug


LEO - /pub/comp/os/unix/networking/mgetty

@@bible study: mapping of book/chapter/verse into the web, with backlinks from journal.

@@personal research notebook/bibliography: stable publishing, citation services, digital libraries; CDDB spec

The Hypertext Bibliography Project

@@book log, movie log (DNS abuse by movie studios) (backlinks from IMDB), record album log: quicken media category. digital movie tickets, rental receipts.

@@digital photo album: what address to give to photographs? also: scans, faxes

@@message-id: URLs: if I have it in my mail archive, and so do you, why can't we use message-id: URLs easily?

@@Outlook Express: when I drag a message to the desktop, it makes a copy. I want to be able to make a link. Either to an imap: address, a message-id: address, or some combination (does the COM moniker design have support for this sort of combination? @@OO/Web workshop notes too). Also: what about message/rfc822 integration? what happens in IE/netscape when the HTTP response sais Content-Type: message/rfc822? can I hit reply? (Mozilla intertwingled thing, grendel, old web/mail/news integration thread).

Cyrus IMAP Server v1.5.2 Home Page

mid: urls


@@irc: urls

@@irc: urls

How to use and make links from WWW to IRC


Irchat - The ultimate coolness


BTTV page


@@air travel records and RDF

@@aa.com complaints

@@biztravel.com: almost!

@@index of people-I-know and events-I-attended by time and place (displayed as a map)

Contact Management, Directory Services, and Authentication

@@yahoo calendar gripe: sync excludes yp entries

@@to study: perl ldap

@@cite PGP essentials
The International PGP Home Page

@@SSN research

Web Site Account Management

@@relationship management: periodic events: dinner table, christmas cards, periodic meetings, ...

@@auth form submission from Lawrence, signed XML

When I register for a web service, I want to be sure I have the option of getting them to delete everything I ever told them. In fact, that should happen by default after a period of inactivity (say... a year) unless I tell them otherwise. They should send mail saying "haven't heard from you for a while; still with us?" once a week for a month before they do it.

Passwords in the clear suck. Digest auth@@. Shared authentication services. Single login. Public key?

vCard, vCalendar throw away context

One of the main reasons for the web was to get the computer to stop throwing away information that humans work so hard to record.

vCalendar, RDF, and the "oh yeah?" button@@.

Infrastructure: Pipes, Gizmos, and Hacks


@@what's related: back-links

Grapevine: Recommender

telagent Jan 2001 an HTTP agent to help you place and receive phone calls.

Wireless LAN

ask slashdot: nobell

High-Speed Net Access

@@ Metcalfe at WWW8

Cable Modem Info Center Saturday, 12 June, 1999 11:26:27 PM -0500

Time Warner Cable--Austin--See What's Next--Frequently Asked Questions


Ralph R. Swick
The KA9Q NOS TCP/IP Package
N1RWY's portable packet page.


@@netscape bookmarks have the right idea with DATE_ADDED and such; RDF metadata; should use XHTML and their own namespace, though.

bookmarks should store referrer; but perhaps I can figure that out by correlating DATE_ADDED with about:global-history.

hierarchies are evil! (Nelson). Bookmark *keywords*, not categories. (@@WWWn conference paper about this?)


9806 CD-R, Disk

TechStore LLC - Product Information
Auctions in Progress CDROM
Three-Sixteen Technical Services - Austin & Central Texas' Best Source for Network Consulting!
Computer Discount Warehouse - YAMAHA CDR400T 4X6 CD-R INT TRAY - Part# 87540
Re: CD-R's in Linux - How's it Going?
Re: CD-R's in Linux - How's it Going?
Unix CD-Writer compatibility list
CD-Writing HOWTO
Cdrecord release information
Adam's Bookmarks
AltaVista: Simple Query +cd-r +linux
ONSALE Index Mass Storage
Auctions in Progress STORAGE
Computer Discount Warehouse - YAMAHA CRW4260 4X6 CD-R INT SCSI KIT - Part# 101141
PC Magazine: To Write or Rewrite? - Plextor PlexWriter 4/12max (03/10/98)
To Write or Rewrite? - PC Magazine
TechStore Order #10821 for Dan Connolly


Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ
ZDNet's PalmPilotSoftware.com
Pflugerville, Texas, USA
3Com/Palm Computing - Developer Documentation
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group


Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide
Web100 Hardware: Model 100
Web100 Top Page
Dan's Pilot Page

linux and the palm pilot from Michael Holve - everything linux


Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ
ZDNet's PalmPilotSoftware.com
3Com/Palm Computing - Developer Documentation
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - IRC/Chat Announcements and Logs


Yan's HomePage: HP Palmtop Infopage
S.U.P.E.R. - Search results
HPLX-L: Re: hp200lx software development kit
HPLX-L by thread
PDA Developers 3.1 TOC
The PAL Page
The PAL Page
The Palmtop Network
Infrared Devices working with LINUX (SONY-DSC-F1)
HPLX.Mail: Re: hp200lx software development kit
HP200lx Connectivity Pack $120
HPLX-L Command Center
eBay item 57009149 (Ends 01/17/99 23:54:18 PST) - HP 200 LX Palmtop Computer
Hewlett-Packard: HP 200LX Palmtop PC
Hewlett-Packard: HP 200LX Palmtop PC Frequently Asked Questions
S.U.P.E.R. - Just the new stuff please...
LXTCP Home Page
WWW/LX - the Internet Solution in Your Pocket!
ADB: appointment book database format

Pre-digital media: paper, telephone

@@phone: urls

Babinszki World - Net Distillery (PDF)

UPC, Barcode


Visioneer Paperport

unsorted bookmarks:


linux, beach

Directory of /pub/emacs/edb
MySQL by T.c.X. DataKonsultAB
PHP Version 3.0 CVS Tree: /
Directory of /pub/comp/olis-rpms/Python-1.5
IBMdisk drive: DPES-30540, 30810 and 31080
Etherboot home page
VArBook 70 Notebooks


Driving Directions (to Compaq Repair place)
Simple Technology: Memory and PC Card Manufacturer

Linux/Beach (monday, weekend)
Package listing for i386
Index of /linux/redhat/redhat-5.0
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from ORL

RedHat-5.2 for i386 : redhat/5.2/i386

WinNT shoal

The PC Help Home Page
Tera Term Home Page

9804 Mozilla

blue sky
Modularization Techniques
Index of /mozilla


Virtual Office
EGCS Development Toolchain for GNU-Win32 b19
Robert's Rules of Order.
Scott's homepage
Sam Rushing's home page
Nightmare Software
LEO - /pub/rec/music/guitar/songs/collection
mswordview version 0.1.0 - Word 8 to html converter


Welcome to the O'Reilly Opensource Center
Microsoft XML Notepad -- Download
ATVEF Specification
GNOME conference
TextTools - Fast text manipulation tools for Python
Trove project page
HEX - The HTML Enabled XML Parser
scanner linux
muLinux Home Page
muLinux V1.1 - micro Linux one-floppy system
modoss linux spredsheat
Products and Services Order Form

Daytimer Download
Day-Timer: Software - Organizer 98 for Windows
IE5 Behaviours
Yahoo! Java Pager
IDT Net2Phone
Palmtop magazine homepage

9802 XML

XML Information Modules
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 - Deutsche Übersetzung
SBN Downloads: Dynamic HTML Editing Component
XML in Mozilla
A Proposal to Introduce "Module" Structures into SGML
Beyond HTML: XML and Automated Web Processing
Processing SGML Groves in Python
Paul Prescod's Home Page
Extensible Linking Language (XLL) Design Principles
jewels (xml)


Professional Home Pages Version 3.0
Htmlscript Corporation -- The Document IS The Application
Welcome to Meta-HTML.COM
Meta-HTML: Looping
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI)
Apache module mod_include
Embperl - Embeding Perl Code in HTML
PyLR -- Fast LR parsing in python

Available Software
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
Clinton backs universal E-mail plan
.us Request for Comments
Home Automation Systems Catalog X10 automation home security surveillance audio video control
( freshmeat ) - ( details of "Maxwell" )
LilyPond -- The GNU Project Music Typesetter
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Office Supplies and Services:Calendars and Personal Organizers
GNOME UISG V2.0 IRC Conference
MSWordView, MSWord 8 converter Web Gateway
John McCarthy
arb's Psion Software
Robert's Rules of Order Revised
OPL Reverse Translation
Psi-Sync for Microsoft Outlook Home Page
Free X server for Windows and Mac
DTRT: A CGI Script to Do The Right Thing
FOP: A Formatting Object to PDF Converter
PORT Auto/Air Power Adapter
Sony's DSC-F1 - User information / FAQ
My adventures setting up Linux
PHP3: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Ben's Fuzzy Multiverse
TView® Gold
Making Way for Intelligence in Case Space
Phl 313K Logic, Sets and Functions
Markup Languages: Theory and Practice
MySQL Reference Manual for version 3.22.10-beta. - 7 MySQL language reference

Web History

EMail Msg
WWW Talk 1992 Archives
American Studies Web: Literature and Hypertext
WWW-Talk and WWW-HTML Mail Archives
WWW-Talk 1991 by thread
www-talk-historical@w3.org from January to February 1995: Client-side searching proposal


Rohit Khare's ICS Home Page
Research Directed by Gary T. Leavens
Chris Maden
Jon Kleinberg's Homepage
Jonathan Rees's projects list

Computerworld Home
The Mad Scientist's Secret Laboratory
python, sgml, xml-rpc
Official Window Maker Website

SRC Technical Note 1997-029
Phase relationships in the standardization process
PStill - A PS to PDF converter by Frank Siegert
The Linux/IR Project
Sgrep - Home page


XML-RPC.COM: Home Page

Access.adobe.com Conversion by Simple Form
SRC - Research Reports
U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
Mahogany: Open Source Mail client

Books that Deserve Shelf-Space

Amazon.com: A Glance: Programming As If People Mattered : Friendly Programs, Software Engineering, and Other Noble Delusions


Digital Systems Research Center: Report 20
Digital Systems Research Center: Report 35

Amazon.com: A Glance: How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site

Reklaw - Pharmacy (CVS Front-end)
IETF STD1 and RFC-INDEX information
Making Google Your Default
AIIM International
Algorithms in the Real World: Indexing
StillGrab: Digital Camera Image retriever
The Web as a Brain
What is community? Noam Chomsky
Public Agenda, Public Agenda Online: Public Policy Research
SRC - Research Reports




Receiving Calls
Special Report: Small Office/Home Office (4/97)
CNET Reviews - Special - Geek's guide to gadgets - Webley
Webley Join Now!
ACC: Using TAPI to Dial a Phone Under Win95/NT 4.0 (95/97)
MSDN Online
MSDN Online Library
ExceleTel - Windows Telephony Architecture
Download the TAPI Test Bed for VB5
j/direct Frequently Asked Questions
Windows Telephony (TAPI) Support in Windows NT 4.0


Outlook 98 Beta 2 Download
Audio I/O Devices for Conferencing
Ken's CTI, IVR and Call Center Page
Scripting tools for 32bit Windows operating systems
LAOLA Homepage, Sep/23/97
PilotBean: A JavaBean from alphaWorks by IBM


@@I merged most of this in with the W3C specs and development materials.

  1. Collaboration Technologies
  2. Development Technologies
  3. Resource Discovery and Reliable Links
  4. HTML Standardization
  5. HTML Design and Evolution
  6. More complete SGML support on the Web
  7. More complete MIME support on the Web
  8. Non-western Character sets, languages, and writing systems for the Web
  9. Automated Protocols: OORPC
  10. Net Commerce, Security, and Privacy

More complete MIME support on the Web

Currently, there is widespread support for individuals on the net to compose and send messages and articles in the internet message format, specified by RFC822. Support for its multimedia enhancement MIME, is growing.

There is also widespread support for navigating information collections and archives using HTML. Support for HTML authoring is growing.

But support for integrating HTML and MIME is poor. I can compose a message in HTML and send it via mail or news as a MIME multipart/alternative message containing a plain text version and the HTML version. But I don't often go to the trouble because the various list servers and archivers disregard the MIME headers, treat the message as plain text, and then _convert_ it to HTML for distribution via web (http) servers. Not even my web user agent is smart enough to extract the HTML from a MIME message stored in my mailbox or retrieved from a news server.


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