A Knowledge Base about Internet Mail

Recent (Feb2002) development:

See the Makefile for details.

Next steps:

See also Internet mail message header format by D. J. Bernstein for lots of practical info about parsing email. I implemented some of it in a perl script.

Other mail-messages-in-the-web thingies:

@@compare/contrast with earlier stuff, e.g. foaf:mbox , foaf:name, rdfs:label.

See RDF and the RDF interest group archives for more context.

This is/was a schema based on RFC 822.

Please refer to it by the namespace name http://www.w3.org/2000/04/maillog2rdf/email#.

I maintain it as HTML, but I make it availble as RDF using a transformation. See the Makefile or an XSLT service for details on how to invoke it.

Address Specification

the addr-spec part of a mailbox, e.g. mailto:foo@example.org


the phrase part of a mailbox, e.g. Dan Connolly

@@say that this is a subproperty of rdfs:label? (as are foaf:name and dc:title?)


this comes from berkeley mail, no?@@


date(mid:222, "Mon, 22 Jun 1999 12:33:23 CDT") ::= mid:222 bears date 'xyz'. see RFC822, section @@

note that case matters in XML and RDF, while it doesn't in RFC822 header field names. So this one property corresponds to all case variants (Date, date, DATE) of the field name.


see RFC822, section @@



note: sometimes it's just mid:foo--to-->mailto:bar, but sometimes it's mid:foo--to-->[recipient]--addr-spec-->mailto:bar . Same applies to From/CC as well. @Hmm... maybe I should use different properties, related by a rule.

Hmm... maybe the object of the to property should be a list so that we can record that these were the (stated) recipients, and there were no others. I say stated because there could be blind copies.

Carbon Copy (cc)


class of internet messages

Dan Connolly
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