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IB5978020116487990000 Book ISBN code
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IB5978039475682051800 Book ISBN code
Title:Godel, Escher, Bach:
Author:Douglas R. Hofstadter
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IB5978002366072690000 Book ISBN code
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IBN9780937175989 Book ISBN code
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IB5978026201153290000 Book ISBN code
Title:Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Author:Harold Abelson
Gerald Jay Sussman  With Julie Sussman  Foreword by Alan J. Perlis
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IB5978020163361090000 Book ISBN code
Title:Design Patterns:
Author:Erich Gamma
John Vlissides  Ralph Johnson  Richard Helm  Foreword by Grady Booch
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IBN9781850321415 Book ISBN code
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IBN9780916151775 Book ISBN code
Title:Linux Installation and Getting Started
Author:Matt Welsh
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IBN9781565921900 Book ISBN code
Title:World Wide Web Journal:
Author:O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
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IB5978156592210590000 Book ISBN code
Title:World Wide Web Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3
World Wide Web Consortium  Donna Woonteeler (Editor)
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IBN9781565923294 Book ISBN code
Title:Web Security:
Author:O'Reilly and Web Consortium
Donna Woouteiler (Editor)
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IB2978020141998652 Other product code
PUBLISHER-- Addison-Wesley Longman, Incorporated TITLE-- Cascading Style Sheets CONTRIBUTOR-- Bos, Bert
IB5978156592265590000 Book ISBN code
Title:Scripting Languages:
Author:Lincoln Stein
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IBN9780201880601 Book ISBN code
Title:Readings in Electronic Commerce
Author:Ravi Kalakota
With Andrew B. Whinston
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IB5978156592264890000 Book ISBN code
Title:Advancing HTML:
Author:Rohit Khare (Editor)
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IB5978156592349290000 Book ISBN code
Author:Dan Connolly (Editor)
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IBN9780764503603 Book ISBN code
Title:XML for Dummies
Author:Ed Tittel
Ramesh Chandak  Norbert Mikula  Foreword by Dan Connolly
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IB5978076450751952499 Book ISBN code
Title:XHTML for Dummies with Cdrom
Author:Ed Tittel
Natanya Pitts  Chelsea Valentine
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IB5978020163462490000 Book ISBN code
Title:How to Set up and Maintain a Web Site
Author:Lincoln D. Stein
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IB5978155860534390000 Book ISBN code
Title:Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Author:Philip Greenspun
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IB5978006251586592600 Book ISBN code
Title:Weaving the Web:
Author:Tim Berners-Lee
With Mark Fischetti  Foreword by Michael L. Dertouzos
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IB5978156205810494500 Book ISBN code
Title:Designing Web Usability:
Author:Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Neilsen
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IBN9780596000325 Book ISBN code
Title:Perl 5 Pocket Reference, Third Edition
Author:Johan Vromans
Linda Mui (Editor)
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IBN9781565925007 Book ISBN code
Title:Python Pocket Reference
Author:Mark Lutz
Gigi Estabrook (Editor)
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