Transforming RDF with XSLT

I'm trying to flesh out some of the details of TimBL's semantic web toolbox... to build some layers on top of RDF such as horn clauses ala SHOE (see SHOE->RDF materials which so far just xhtml-ize SHOE).

In order to connect RDF with other tools to work on practical examples, I needed a parser. XSLT is the hammer I'm using for nails of all shapes and sizes lately, and I figured that once I understand what the output of an RDF parser needs to look like, XSLT is a good platform for experimenting with various input syntaxes.

One of the more quick-and-dirty hacks I've seen in a while is DanBri's JS RDF thingy, based on Jan's tinyprolog, whence comes the output syntax of this parser. There are quite a few other RDF/prolog hacks in the RDF interest group) lately, though I'd rather avoid the closed-world assumption ala Algernon and access-limited logic.

Also, a representation for proofs is an important layer (see Edinburgh Logical Framework (larch trait))

What: Contents

Bugs and Limitations

These are the sort of dull engineering issues that have straightfoward, if tedious, answers...

Issues raised

These are issues that came up while I was working on this...

One of the reasons for developing this thing was for testing the RDF spec, i.e. to answer some of my own questions about how well-specified RDF is. I found at least one bug, and several interesting corner cases

Dan Connolly
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