Resource Discovery and Reliable Links

Obsoleted by reliable links and Catalogs: resource description and discovery quality of service.

Dan Connolly, 8 Apr 1997

Resources Maintained Here

A Formalism for Internet Information References

Applying Harvest in the Davenport Group

Toward Reliable, Interoperable Links

URI test suite
March 16, 1994: The expanded release of a URI test suite (including a fairly complete grammar for URI's that includes ways to represent URLs and URIs) (compressed tar file or directory with contents of tar file)

Other Resources

Universal Resource Characteristics (URCs)
HyperNews collection by Michael Shapiro and Dan LaLiberte
The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
IETF - Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Working Group
edited by Roy Fielding

Addressing and names
by Tim Berners-Lee
A Format for E-mailing Bibliographic Records
Mitra - Internet consulting
Michael Mealling
Rondald E. Daniel from LANL