A knowledge base of my ordinary communications

obsolete in favor of SW dev.

Dan Connolly
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This is[was] intended to be a knowledge base of terms I use in communication with other agents (automated or otherwise). It'll mostly be references to other RDF KBs, but I'll import-with-rename them here (ala Modula 3), so that I can just use this one big namespace in stead of declaring all these other namespaces in each message I send.

See Also

and notation 3 and in general, SW dev f

Terms I have used so far

home page of $Date: 2000/10/13 17:02:06 $ used Trip, when(Trip, xmlschema:Date), destination(Trip, ?), City, called(?, rdfs:Literal), purpose(Trip, ?), Conference, homePage(?, ?).

my .sig of late uses mailbox(Person, ?), Person, called(?, ?), affiliation(Person, ?), Consortium, homePage, officePhone(Person, ?), pager(Person, ?). Hmm... Person seems to be PersonInRole; i.e. Dan Connolly, W3C might not be the same Person as Dan Connolly, subscriber to Time Warner Cable.

record of 13 Oct 2000 with EricM used record(Meeting, ?Document), previous(Meeting, Meeting), when(Meeting, xmlschema:date), subClassOf(Class, Class), PeriodicEvent, Class, first, rest,

@@arch meeting minutes

reply (of Fri, 13 Oct 2000 02:37:41 -0500) to dinner inivation used plansToAttend(Person, Event), easternUSTime(Event, Literal), place(Event, ?), host(Event, ?palmAddrBookEntry), workAffiliation(?palmAddrBookContact, ?placeOfWork)