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1-2 March 2004 Meeting of the W3C Semantic Web Interest Group

Part of the W3C Technical Plenary, 1-5 March 2004, Cannes-Mandelieu, France

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A meeting of the Semantic Web Interest Group (SW IG, formerly RDF IG) is scheduled for the 1st and 2nd March 2004, during the W3C Technical Plenary week.

This Interest Group is a continuation of the RDF Interest Group. See the Interest Group charter for more details on the group, including our mission, membership and discussion fora.

The Technical Plenary Week continues after the SW IG meeting (mon/tues 1st and 2nd of March), with a wednesday plenary session, followed by further meetings of W3C groups on thur/fri 4th and 5th March. Note that there is a Semantic Web Best Practices WG meeting planned for thursday and friday of TP week. Both meetings are likely to address the relationship between BPD WG and SW IG. In brief, the two groups have related goals, but differing membership models and work styles. The SW IG is designed to complement the work of W3C's Semantic Web Working Groups through providing a broader public forum for collaboration and discussion. The BPD WG meeting is intended primarily for WG members, although observers may be allowed (see meeting page for details).


We had 19 IG participants registered, plus 24/28 people who registered as observers. Observers are encouraged to participate in the meeting. See also: 25Feb agenda update which invites those who have not registered but want to attend to contact the chair.


Location: Riviera C room.

This seats approximately 35 active participants, with room for 35 more around edges of the room.

The language of the meeting is English. Remote participation via the #rdfig IRC channel is welcome, although the meeting will be focussed on the face-to-face proceedings.

Network mojo:

802.11 ESSID


SWIG meeting

see also: 25Feb agenda update

SWIG Agenda - Monday Mar 1st

SWIG Agenda - Tuesday March 2nd

Jos and Bijan during break

Preparation: Drafts for Review

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Reports and Outcomes

A few participants have written up the meeting in various levels of detail. Libby's points to the presentations. @@todo: summarise here@@. Articles from Kendall Clark, Libby Miller, Danny Ayers (@@more articles).

More photos: photo of meeting; coffee break discussions, ...

Dan Brickley, RDF/SW Interest Group chair.
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