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Teleconference Dates & Times

Please use these tables below as a reference for dates and times for our teleconferences. Get it as an icalendar feed.

2015 Meetings

Date Time Agenda Minutes
January Wed 21st 3pm UTC agenda minutes
February Wed 25th 3pm UTC agenda minutes
March Mon 23rd 4pm UTC agenda minutes
April Mon 11th 4pm UTC

2014 Meetings

Date Time Agenda Minutes
January Wed 22nd 3pm UTC agenda minutes
February Wed 26th 8am UTC canceled
March Wed 26th 3pm UTC agenda minutes
April Wed 16th 2pm UTC agenda minutes
May Wed 14th 2pm UTC agenda [minutes]
June Wed 18th 2pm UTC agenda minutes
July Wed 16th 2pm UTC agenda minutes
August Wed 13th 2pm UTC agenda [minutes]
September Wed 17th 2pm UTC agenda [minutes]
October Wed 15th 2pm UTC agenda minutes
November Wed 12th 3pm UTC agenda minutes
December Wed 17th 3pm UTC agenda [minutes]

2013 Meetings

Date Time Agenda Minutes
November Wed 27th 3pm UTC Task Forces minutes
December Wed 11th 8am UTC agenda minutes

Please use a Time Zone Converter to find the correct time for the meetings in your timezone.

Teleconference Meeting Information

Teleconferences are currently being conducted every month (see table above). The teleconference dial-in details will be sent to all participants on the public mailing list before the call and can be seen below; the dial-in details come in a US standard phone number and SIP number variants, you will need to use a conference code to access the call.


Who: (Official Participants and invited guests only)
Time: monthly, usually 15:00-16:00 UTC
Dial: +1-617-761-6200 or then conference code 932662 ("WEBMOB")
IRC: IRC channel: #webmob.
Agenda: An agenda is sent 24 hours in advance; minutes follow within a day or two.

Please, remember to dial "#" right after the conference code. If everything goes well, you should hear a beep meaning you've just joined the conference, and could hear other participants.

We encourage all participants on teleconference calls to also login to IRC. Please see IRC details. Please also note that the teleconference system at W3C is called Zakim. There are more detailed instructions on how to use it. Zakim has an accompanying and useful IRC bot. Please read next section to learn more about it.


Meetings are minuted and minutes are public. Scribe duties rotate among IG participants, so all should be familiar with these instructions. Scribing occurs on IRC so please take a look at the IRC instructions below.

Scribe duties

  • Taking minutes during the meeting
  • Cleaning up the minutes after the meeting
  • Circulating the minutes to the staff contact within 24h after the meeting concludes
  • Adding a link to the Agenda and Minutes from the Past Meetings page (to be setup)
  • Updating the Scribe List (to be setup)

Make yourself familiar with the scribing instructions and conventions at and the Scribes Manual.


  • If you will miss a meeting, put your name on Regrets

Face-to-Face Meetings

This group does not hold Face-to-Face meetings in an effort to allow as many people as possible to participate in the group without hindrance. We may hold workshops in the future when a specific topic relies on people getting together to work through a goal in a short space of time. We have held one past Face-to-Face meeting, details of which are given below:

  • TPAC Face-to-Face - information on our TPAC Face-to-Face meeting on 14th - 15th November in Shenzhen, China.