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Modes of work are given below. If you feel something is missing please let the chairs know via the mailing list (

Tracking Actions and Issues

The group uses a tool called Tracker to track actions, an issue, action and resolution tracking tool for W3C Groups, with Web, IRC and email interfaces; e.g. trackbot is the IRC bot. The Group's tracker Web interface is at:

Please, read more about tracker and its interfaces at:


We conduct and manage our work via a Github repository which allows us to keep a track of what is going on and work collaboratively. If you are new to Github please take a look at the following Github help pages created by Github or our W3C colleagues:


Web and Mobile IG teleconferences information

Please see the Meeting Page for details of our teleconferences.


Like many other W3C groups we run an IRC channel "#webmob" on the server. If you are new to IRC or want to find out some handy hints then please check out the W3C IRC pages; here you will find some links to some great native IRC clients but you are also welcome to use the web client if a dedicated IRC client doesn't work. We mainly use IRC to manage minutes and actions during meetings but one of the chairs should be idling in the channel at most times.

Web and Mobile IG IRC information

Port: 6665 (try port 80 if you have trouble)
Channel: #webmob

There will be usually some suspects among the channel users that are not actual conference participants. Those are called IRC bots and are kind of software that can run some automated scripts. The three most commonly found are zakim, RRSAgent and trackbot. They react to some commands they identify written on the text. You can learn more about the bots at:

You are also welcome to join the IRC channel at any time. You'll find there from time to time the chairs, group participants and people interested in this work.

Face-to-Face Meetings

  • TPAC Face-to-Face - information on our TPAC Face-to-Face meeting which was held on 14th - 15th November in Shenzhen, China.
  • Next face-to-face meeting date is undecided.

Mailing Lists

Our public mailing list address is given below. New participants should have been instantly signed up to the public mailing list. Everyone can access the archives to view past emails. If you have any questions and need to reach one of the chairs the mailing list is the best method to go about this.

Public Mailing List:


Most of the group's news will be distributed via the mailing list. The group also runs a twitter account @w3c_webmob so if you're a twitter user please follow and tweet any useful news for the group.