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The first face-to-face Web and Mobile Interest Group meeting will be at TPAC 2013!


  • Date: Thursday 14th & Friday 15th November 2013
  • Location: Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House (TPAC Venue), Shenzhen, China
  • Observers: Permitted, please ask chair's approval
  • TPAC Registration: W3C TPAC Event Page


Please remember that travelling to China means many of us will need to apply for visas. Please leave plenty of time to do this! For all TPAC information including visas, location, hotel and schedule please check the TPAC website [1].


Please note that this agenda is subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please email the public mailing list (

Thursday 14th November


Friday 15th November



If you have any further questions or comments please contact the chairs by sending an email to the public mailing list


Our Group

  • Task forces
  • Actions through mailing list
  • Wiki


  • Automation
  • Dashboard
  • Closing the Gap
  • WebAppState
  • Taking Use Cases and Requirements into the wider dashboard style report
  • Sort through Marcos's github issues on Coremob


  • ServiceWorker
  • Use Cases obtained
  • Demos and Tests are next!
  • Keep adding status and implementation to docs / dashboard


  • Talked about trends such as Infinite Scrolling
  • Is there a need for better / configurable garbage collection here?
  • Momentum scrolling
  • Build into docs / dashboard

Testing Effort

  • Strong link to some of the work we will do
  • Funding issue right now
  • If work continues we can use this to pull in automations into our doc / dashboard

Homescreen Bookmarking / Installable Webapps

  • Currently assessing the situation
  • Marcos and Ernesto are working on this
  • Need to pull in details from FFOS and Chrome Beta


  • Bryan took us through the push api
  • PAG is resolved
  • Add to doc / dashboard
  • A key proposal in closing the gap


  • Stats and figures from Vision Mobile report and Phone Gap
  • Showing importance of some APIs such as Network Info, Camera etc.
  • Need to pull this into docs / dashboard
  • This data can be key for closing the gap part of doc / dashboard

Closing the Gap

  • Great work on this by Dom!
  • Everyone wishes for this to continue
  • Call to continue building the 'app types' table
  • Also include horizontal aspects such as 'accessibility'
  • Build into the dashboard


  • More great work by Dom!
  • Taking this to the wiki and creating JSON files
  • Taken information from many sources such as 'Can I Use'
  • Some automated, some manual
  • Want to allow more groups to use this
  • Continue to build this work


  • Detailed talk about the status of payments
  • Lots of aspects to cover
  • Workshop in March
  • Will need some use cases / requirements from this group


  • Permissions model different from web and native apps
  • Dom going to discuss with the TAG
  • Analysis on this would be good, pull into docs / dashboard


  • Web model very different from native
  • As we close the gap we need to understand how this changes
  • Another case of documenting
  • But what is also key is working with the Security IG to make sure we are not duplicating work and our work in this IG supports the proposals they create

Developer Tools / Diagnostics / Debug

Task Forces

  • Dividing groups in Task Forces
  • Assigning actions
  • I will send emails about this to the group
  • Please volunteer for something whilst you can!

Dev Outreach / Education

  • Let's start talking about getting in touch with devs!