Mobile/TPAC Face-to-Face Friday

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Face-to-Face Home

Extra Topics

09:00am: Closing the Gap Report


  • Update on status of report and status of standards working towards closing the gap
  • Tackling UX Gaps
  • Discussion on next steps

Accelerated spec development

  • develop/complete use cases (incl. by interviewing people with real needs)
  • prototype spec (e.g. prollyfill) to let broader community give feedback
  • develop test cases
  • help fixing spec bugs

Interesting Topics

  • Business models, payments, app stores, subscriptions etc.
  • Carrier billing
  • Video and Audio synchronisation; e.g. banging the drum game (Ryoichi Kawada)
  • Pull DKA's vision mobile research into this

10:30am: BREAK

11:00am: Web Standards Roadmap


11:15am: Focus Topics Round 3

Updates, current implementations, issues and ways we can help in the following areas:




  • Current / Recent Work

Issues with the Current Proposals

  • Issues

New Proposals

  • Proposals

Potential Issues

1. Questions

How should WEBMOB help?

  • Researching Specs
  • Use Cases
  • Requirements
  • Resources
  • Tests
  • Implementations
  • Documentation

Next Steps

Build into Deliverables



Dom's slides presented to the TAG in 2012



The Web Security IG has started a call for interest on developing a clearer picture and set of requirements for security in the Web vs. Native debate. In general this relates to: lack of encrypted storage, impossibility to manage remotely locally-stored data for a given Web app, certificate/key management, difficulty to protect against XSS/CSRF attacks, difficulty to hide the code of the app (and thus greater exposure to attacks). Let's discuss our level of input to this activity.

Mobile Security Analysis in the Web Security IG

12:30pm: Lunch

02:00pm: Web Driver Demo

(David Burns, Mozilla)

03:00pm: Focus Topics Round 4

Updates, current implementations, issues and ways we can help in the following areas:

Developer tools




03:30pm: BREAK

04:00pm: Summary and conclusions