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5 Responses to Implementation Status

  • Bradley Botkin

    I’m confused about using the STYLE section in a WebVTT file.

    Documentation implies that I should be able to embed a STYLE section in a WebVTT file and use it to style cues inline. I’ve been unable to accomplish this, although when the styles are embedded in the HTML, it all works. What am I doing wrong?

    Caption vendors will typically be able to deliver a WebVTT file to a client, but have no access to underlying HTML. It should never be necessary for the WebMaster to modify HTML in order to display captions properly.

    For a demonstration of my problem, point a browser at:


    • Hi Bradley, please send an email to the community group so we can have a proper discussion of your issue. Thanks.


      • Hello!

        Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem like Bradley. Could you help me out with the information you discussed regarding to this issue? What was the problem and how did it work in the end?

        Thank you very much!


  • In the table (comparing the browsers and WEBvtt) I see ‘Behind Flag’. What does that mean?


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