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Thanks for Joining, and Household

Thanks for Joining this Community!

RE. EDITING POSTS If you (like me) are logging in Chrome, you may have to click the grey shield icon at the right hand side of the browser box (where the url goes) then click ‘load anyway’ to view the text in this text editor (otherwise the text may not show)

RE. GOVERNANCE OF THIS COMMMUNITY We shall soon find a synchronous/asynchronous way of convening and organising ourselves

such as electing a chair, we may go for a rotating chair if people agree

(that means, EACH group member will be a chair fo a 2 months period or so (tba), unless
they have a very good reason to opt out) would that work?

The chair would just make sure the community agenda is followed up

All members would contribute to shaping the agenda and take on tasks

would that work?

Note: Til then, I am nominating myself temp chair to deal with list admin


Tba, soon

Can everyone edit this page?  please test!

Look forward


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